Got started!

Only modest stitching progress this week, but some is better than none! And there has been a lot of background “stuff” that has needed attention – Zoom meetings, Zoom classes, all things quilt and Zoom related, plus lots of Zoom meetings with friends and family, and a LOT of shuffling and sorting through the many and various projects that are awaiting their turn for some attention here at the Overseas Office.  The shuffling and sorting has been necessary as I am still hunting for my mislaid sewjo and it just might be lurking in one of the project bags – it hasn’t come to light yet but I’m hopeful.  So here’s the stitching – outline quilting of the blocks well under way in the first pic and a border going on a sample to turn it into a cushion panel in the second.


Might need to consider a visit to the opticians once we get back to the Rural Office – I really hadn’t noticed that both of these pics are just sufficiently out of focus as to be annoying!  Time to return to a good tasklight and reading glasses…..


Under way

Happy to report that quilting has actually started on this – hopefully some progress to show next time.

A couple of other things are asking for some time to be spent with them –

and there is a certain amount of weekly “admin” to do – always better for coloured markers, squared paper and a large cup of tea!

A random selection from the Overseas Office bookshelf is ready to dip into in between times – “How to Bullet Plan” was acquired in 2017 and is highly recommended for all stationery and control freaks!

Over on the ChrisandBarbara blog ( ) we have just started a series of Tile Tuesday posts – tiles historical, contemporary, decorative and downright inspirational.  Pop over and take a look.


Stop and start

Moving into a new year which still looks rather different, still based at the Overseas Office and emptying out those baskets of projects and samples to see what would make a good start to 2021.  Here’s the project which has pushed itself to the top of the priorities – last year it looked like this

and now it’s all together, borders on, backing and batting sorted and ready to be quilted –

This project started as an interpretation of the blocks in one of my vintage quilts.  Over at Meadowside Designs you’ll find a Heritage Quilts section featuring a number of pattern guides written by Chris Franses based on my vintage quilt collection.  I need to get this project finished before it can join the others!

One of my online classes for this coming year might be based on this quilt, ( remake of one in the collection.

Let’s look forward to a year filled with stitching.

In between

There’s often a little bit of calm space, perfect for stitching, in between Christmas and New Year.  That’s stitching supported by lots of tea and maybe some chocolate!  I’m finishing up a Cottage Tulips block which started out as a class sample – not perfect (and not yet pressed) but I’m quite pleased with how it looks so far, and definitely a block I would make again.  There’s just enough of this favourite red repro print in the Overseas Office stash to make the frame.

See you in the New Year – happy stitching!

Or not fast enough?

At the Overseas Office it is slowly beginning to dawn on me that there is a festive season just around the corner.  Time to decide on a holiday season stitching project – my self-imposed rules say that this can be a brand new project (who doesn’t love those?) or it can be one of the many rather old projects that are currently stacked awaiting a return of interest/inclination and focus.  It’s going to be a difficult choice.  Maybe it could be one old, one new?  The sample I’m making for an online class is faintly festive (it has red fabric) and that might be the new project.  The old project might be to pick up one of at least three quilts (also with red fabrics) waiting for more hand quilting.

So, finish this block –

Start to re-assemble this would-be quilt top now that it has been carefully unpicked –

Add more quilting –

Add more quilting –

Add more quilting –

I may just use the “add more quilting” pieces as cheery decoration and then they’ll be instantly to hand when the hand quilting urge strikes.

Happy stitching!

Super fast?

or super slow?  The past week has flown by, superfast.  The amount of actual stitching has been – superslow.  But more scrap stash has been closely examined and picked through at length to find just the right pieces for a class sample block – you can probably guess the block from the photo below

A few more 4patch blocks have been made and put away for future use – maybe this setting, maybe not.

And the rest of the week has been filled with online “stuff” and planning for (say it quietly) 2021.  Happy stitching!

Small things

The no-deadline squares/4patch/who knows project is sitting in it’s designated bag and is off to a good start with a dozen or so 4patch blocks pieced and all the squares marked ready for stitching.  A distinct bonus was the discovery of 2 more packs of pre-cut squares lurking in the further corners of the Overseas Office stash.  So there are enough squares now to make almost anything, which is an excellent situation to be in!

Over on the online classes/Zoom front we are currently having a lot of fun with 6inch simple blocks – here’s my  Ohio Star sample in the making for this week –

More techie stuff too – switching/upgrading phone, iPad, wrestling with the parts of Windows10 that no-one wants to deal with, GoPro-type camera, inner workings of Zoom, ditto WordPress/website, yadda yadda.  Not as quick to work things out as I used to be!

A quick shoutout to Barbara Black ( who is doing wonderful things with Facebook Live sessions and will have a dedicated exhibit of her wonderful quilts in the virtual Quilt Festival December 3rd – 5th.

And not forgetting my good friend Debbie Wendt ( who has taken technology by the scruff and is doing all sorts of classes and presentations on Zoom and Facebook.

Back to the drawing board for me!!




Not quite Square One

Over on the Chris&Barbara blog this year we’ve had a long-running series of Scrappy Sunday posts covering all things scrappy – from squares to diamonds to hexagons to strips and lots of things inbetween.  The series is due to finish in December and my contribution seems to have arrived back at squares again.

Squares have featured strongly in my online class  this year and will doubtless show up in online classes next year.  And how useful are squares for quilted texture? –

A number of ideas are percolating and the stitching mojo has been seen in the distance – more next week!