Quilts from Cairo

Not the most seasonal or appropriate of topics but this prolonged cold weather is definitely turning my thoughts towards one of my favourite destinations – Cairo.  Here’s what today looks like in our village –

and here’s what today might look like in the courtyard of an historic house in Cairo

………… some fancy mosaic touches help as well –

My most recent visit to Cairo was in November when I was able to spend some time with quilting friends and see what they had been doing.  Here’s a selection from Hetty, Hanna and Debbie –

This is Hetty’s version of a quilt designed by Debbie Wendt for my book Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters.  Debbie’s quilt showcased madder reproduction fabrics, Hetty’s version looks just as handsome in Provence blues and yellows.

This is Debbie’s “Women’s Voices” quilt top which was her winter project.

Lots of quilts to see at Hanna’s house

But now I need to concentrate on putting things together for tomorrow’s Chris and Barbara class…

4 thoughts on “Quilts from Cairo”

  1. The quilts are superb. The idea of living in a courtyard style house is very appealing. At least our snow has gone now, hope it doesn’t cause problems for tomorrow’s class.

  2. WOW!!! The snow looks great, the courtyard (my favorite) looks stunning, your friends quilts are
    beautiful and of course love the mozaics. Well done! Cheers Sharron

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