Classes to come

A busy week ahead on both domestic and teaching fronts – tomorrow sees the Return of the Vans for delivery and fitting of bathrooms, and I need to finish preparation for Wednesday’s class, Thursday’s meeting, Saturday’s class and a residential course almost immediately afterwards.  The residential course is at Denman College – lovely setting and surroundings, it’s always a pleasure to teach there.

The last time I taught handquilting here was great fun – we were very lucky to have a keen harpist in the class and we had a private recital during the final session!  

Hexagons, hand piecing and Log Cabin for Wednesday, quilt-as-you-go for Saturday and hand quilting for the following week – at least four different heaps of samples and books and handouts to check through and sort out.   Better get started.

4 thoughts on “Classes to come”

  1. The hand quilting designs look wonderful – one day I’ll manage to get to one of your classes but in the meantime I’ll just have to rely on the book and your patterns.

  2. you have a lot of work to prepare for your classes Barbara. Good to see a photo of Denman College. My mother was a keen member of the WI and would have loved to go there herself. She thought anyone who went there was so lucky.

  3. Just bookmarked your blog, Barbara. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable class this afternoon.
    Look forward to reading your blog from Denham College. It looks a great place to be!!!!

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