Looking around

A wonderful Sunday visit , in glorious weather, to the wilds of  Wantage, Oxfordshire to meet with family and friends and walk on paths my grandfather walked.


Friends who have their house filled with interesting things, mementoes of travel etc can unwittingly supply all sorts of ideas to a quilter with a camera –

But, back in the real world of quilting, one of the many things I should be doing is fixing this project –

This is the centre of a small quilted block I did almost ten years ago.  Never made it up into anything because teaching samples always come in handy.  Looked at it with fresher eyes last year and decided to add cording, in the form of acrylic double knit yarn, between the double lines of quilting.  Decided that looked quite good and then realised that some further stitching would be required to fill in some of the spaces before it looked properly finished.  You can just see one of these spaces at top right in the picture above.  It really won’t take long to stitch some additional lines and maybe even cord these as well, so I’ve left the block on the kitchen table to be picked up later today.   Now I need to go in search of the correct colour thread, which may be something of a challenge given the time lapse involved ………

9 thoughts on “Looking around”

  1. Hi Barbara, enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading about your life of fulfillment!! We are just back from a trip to Cornwall good weather, sparkling sea and sunshine. Off the Denman again soon for a federation weekend then on to Cowslip for three days of workshops and my exhibition ‘Adventures in Colour; New Work and Old Favourites April 2nd – 6th. Best wishes love Kate

  2. I have a feeling this one is going to take a little more time than I thought – why does this always happen?? Anyway, a start has been made ..

    1. Thanks, Karen, glad you enjoyed them. I’m working on another “did it years ago” block right now and that may also show up here soon!

    1. The history thing was quite special – one part of my family has lived in the same area for more than 400 years (imagine that!) and we were able to walk on the old footpath that led from the family home to the next small village. Very much in my father’s, grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s footsteps.
      A huge thank you also for your kind words and blogpost – I’m overwhelmed!

  3. Barbara, love your quilting…..love your blog… wonderful…..

    I have just received some of your stencils from Stenhouse in the US and was wondering if you had an outlet where I could buy them in the UK?

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

    1. Hi Kay, So far as I know various quilt shops stock their selection of Stensource designs – you could try The Cotton Patch in Birmingham, Quilter’s Haven in Suffolk and Creative Grids as a starting point. I’m not aware of any one business that stocks the full Stensource range. Hope this helps.

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