Ten years on …

A lovely surprise today to see Carla’s post on her blog http://featheredfibers.wordpress.com – all about some of the stencils she uses in her wonderful quilting.  When Carla and I first made contact through cyberspace that was a lovely surprise too!  – it’s always good to know that someone likes your work and to see your designs used is a really uplifting treat.  Back in the days when I designed for fabrics it was a big thrill to walk around a quilt show and see that people had actually bought “my” fabric and chosen to use it, and it’s the same with quilting designs.  Seeing one of “my” designs used in a quilt is like a chance meeting with an old friend and it always feels good.  So, if you’re already familiar with Carla’s work you’ll understand how good I feel when I see how she’s used some of my stencils.   Her post has also made me dig back through my files and find out what I was working on then – can’t believe it was ten years ago! – here’s a couple of other designs I did around the same time –

All this delving into files somehow turned into delving into old quilting samples, which led me to look again at the feathered square motif that was on one of the stencils Carla showed, and reminded me that my hand quilting was not too shabby at this time (remember, we are talking ten years ago!)  –

The corded and quilted piece is now (I think) finished – again, this started off at least ten years ago (wonder if there’s a theme going on here?)  and has only just been hauled out of its hiding place.  The design is closely based on the centre of a vintage Welsh quilt that I own,  and it was featured as a pattern by Colonial Homes.  The addition of cording has made a difference, the effect is subtly richer than it was with just quilting, and I’m pleased with the result, even if it has taken a while!

One of the next things to do is resurrect another sample from the same pile and see if that will respond to similar treatment – or, I could add even more cording to this piece !  It’s decisions all the way!

9 thoughts on “Ten years on …”

  1. Hi Barbara, I too am a fan of Carla Barrett and ofcourse yourself, you both do outstanding work! At the moment I work on a machine and humble frame set up. I was a student in Carla’s first online “Quilt Whisperer 101” class, after seeing some of Carla’ work I purchased stencils from Stenhouse US, cost an arm and a leg in shipping/import, so I was wondering if you have a source in the UK which would be more economical?
    Happy Quilting
    Kay in Scotland

  2. Barbara, I am sorry, I just read your reply to my previous question, I will check out those sources, thanks again…

  3. Fabulous designs! As I work on many projects at the same time I know that eventually everything “has its day”.

    I also know what a buzz it is to see someone else’s interpretation of your own design whether in print, at a Show or on the Net.

    Keep with the good work.
    Frances in Tropical Australia

  4. What beautiful designs!The cording is amazing ad looks very technical. I am glad I stumbled across your fantastic blog.
    Penny in Scotland

  5. Hi Barbara, Thanks for comments on Japan. I couldn’t help myself over hexies!!! I have to say your quilting is absolutely magnificent. I really fall down in this department now as I have concentrated for years on piecing, design and color. I bought your book in Bath many years ago, I am going to have to study it again after this great post. I LOVE it!!! Cheers Sharron

  6. Thanks for the lovely shout out, Barbara! Love your designs and of course, your Quilt It! book is a must have for any quilter- from hand quilting to longarm quilting!

    That corded piece is very inspiring, too!

    Regards, Carla Barrett

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