A few more stitches

So many of us are determined to finish just a few longstanding projects this year, and it seems I am no exception.  I’m trying really hard to do just a little stitching every day, although around the Grand Plan of domestic change and refurbishment this has often proved difficult.  Anything I’ve worked on for the past six months has gathered it’s own assortment of brick and plaster debris, sawdust, general grime and animal hair – sounds really enticing doesn’t it??  With three cats, all keen to help in their own way by holding down any bit of fabric or batting they can find, and a dog who creates her own furry micro-climate, keeping anything clean is an uphill struggle. 

The current “finish up” project is relatively young – it’s only one year since it was started.  And it’s not difficult either, a feathered square with heart shapes which was in my last pattern book “Hearts & Ribbons”.  But – and there’s always a but! – now that I’ve picked it up again I can see that it won’t be finished according to the original plan.  Instead of just stitching the main lines and putting a 1/4in grid in the centre  my revised plan is to add a small grid or close parallel lines in the heart shapes, work a second line around the outside edge of the design, and finally have a 1inch background grid to “sit” the whole design on.   So these pics are to show that some progress is being made and to spur me on to get this finished and on to the next project on the list!

On the right above you can see what a difference a double line makes to the edge of the design and below is a close-up of one small section. 


The quilting is very easy because I’m using a gorgeous cotton and silk mix from Oakshott Fabrics with a very lightweight polyester batting (I think it may be an early version of Hobbs Polydown).  The thread is from the King Tut range – lovely and smooth but a smidge thicker than my usual Mettler Silk Finish.  Can’t see any cat or dog hair ………. yet.

5 thoughts on “A few more stitches”

  1. Hello Barbara,
    Your quilting is beautifully stitched as ever. Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Will come and say hello if you are at Malvern this year. I live in Taunton but am a Potteries girl.

    1. Wow I have been searching for you and anyone else from Apple county or Monkton Heatfield quilters,please fill me in, I have beenquilting now for 1 yr after 7 yrs absence, D’you remember me ? You were very friendly with another Shirley from Monkton Heathfield when I knew you all.xx Eloise

  2. Your quilting is beautiful with such even stitches and I love your designs. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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