Another quilt from the cupboard

This week is racing by, Quilts in the Garden last weekend and a Chris&Barbara class this weekend, immediately followed by a week exploring the historical splendours of Jordan.  Consequently there are small, medium and large heaps of assorted “stuff” throughout the house which may, or may not, eventually sort themselves out into some sort of plan.  In the meantime I thought I would show another quilt from the cupboard.  This is the first US vintage quilt I acquired, in 1993 at International Quilt Festival in Houston.  For three days I resisted its charms but gave in on the fourth!  The block is the classic Peony, worked in red and green prints, and the print fabric used in the setting blocks and border is now extremely fragile and deteriorating.  Date somewhere in the region of 1840 – 60, no provenance or further information on area/maker.  Hand pieced and hand quilted, with simple triple lines through the cotton batting, the back fabric rolled over to the front to finish, there is nothing fancy or outstanding about this quilt.  But it does have a very particular appeal …

If you enjoy quilted texture and vintage quilts make a note to visit Pippa Moss’s blog ( where she will be sharing some of her quilt collection.   The next quilt out of my cupboard will probably be a wholecloth, so watch this space too!

15 thoughts on “Another quilt from the cupboard”

  1. This is a lovely quilt, I’m not surprised that you gave in to the temptation in the end. Jordan sounds good. Thanks for the link to Pippa’s blog.

  2. Thank you for sharing anoth quilt with us. I am off to the V&A on Sunday to see the Quilt exhibition;0)

  3. I have been enjoying all your quilts from the cupboard very much.Very beautiful.Your blog is always interesting and informative to read and I love stopping by.

  4. very beautiful quilt
    Oh love seeing the turkey reds up close, thank you for that!
    imagine hand quilting with triple lines??? I may have to do that once in my life!
    love the alternate fabric block too
    thanks for sharing your collection with us. I am really enjoying it

  5. I love this quilt as the Peony Rose is one of my favourite flowers. I used to have two bushes until hubby mowed over them!!!!!

    Keep the quilts coming, Barbara!!!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! Although the quilting design is very simple – it is also very expressive!
    I am looking foreward what is coming next out of your cupboard, Barbara!

  7. Gorgeous quilt! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting – I do agree with you that having a big exhibit about quilts is surely better than not having one, just wish there had been some pieces by some of my favourite contemporary (fibre) artists in it!

  8. Thank you Barbara for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours!!
    This quilt is such a beauty!! I love the setting fabric especially.
    I’ll be back to see your other wonderful quilts.

  9. Another beauty for the cupboard Barbara! And, thank you for the POTC background idea. I love it! I’m making a list of all the suggestions, then I will see what I can find. Your comment came over as ‘no-reply’ so I had to respond this way. Sorry about that.

  10. Hi Barbara, Love these old quilts. Lucky you!! Thanks for kind comments. This hexie quilt is from the book Quilts of the British Isle. There is a picture of them nearly all joined together in an earlier post of mine. I went further than the original because I loved all of mine and couldn’t cul any. Next I am doing a very wide applique border from another antique quilt and then finishing off with large triangles of my collections of beautiful picture and vintage fabrics. Have you been to V & A yet? I am going at end of June. Can’t wait. Regards Sharron

  11. I found you today, and wanted to say hello, and express how I enjoy reading about your wonderful work and old quilts. Take care, Una in Norway

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