More inspiration?

I thought maybe I could be super self-indulgent and post a second set of random pictures from last week’s trip –  starting with stones in various forms and finishing on a more familiar note…

Couldn’t resist these last two – but we’ve never consumed more expensive beer – £40 was the bill!  And who knew that you could find real Border Collies in the desert?

7 thoughts on “More inspiration?”

  1. More eye candy – thank you. For that price you should have got the glasses as well. Bet there were no sheep for the collie to round up

  2. More inspirational photos Barbara – the beer is particularly inspired! Actually I’ve just thought that if the beer WAS inspired that means that you took it up your nose. No I think not. Let’s say it must have been refreshing after the hot days.

  3. Love the ‘architecture’ and the thought of all that history behind it. What a lucky lady to have travelled there!!!!

    Also, the border collie is beautiful!!!

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