Quilting classes – and a cupboard quilt

Back from one of my favourite teaching venues, Farncombe Estate (www.FarncombeEstate.co.uk)  near Broadway in the Cotswolds – the views are magnificent, facilities wonderful and good food as well!  A very relaxed class, everyone remained serene and the “chill-out” music seemed appropriate – here’s just a few studies in calm concentration –


On Wednesday I’m teaching at another favourite place The Bramble Patch in Northampton and Saturday 5 June is our Chris&Barbara Open Day – I foresee much loading and unloading of cars and boxes in my immediate future.

Several readers enjoyed the vintage quilts I’ve shown in previous posts – this one is not truly vintage, having been made in the 1960s, but it is a quilt I particularly treasure.  This is the Amy Emms quilt bought by Himself to mark the occasion of the first Amy Emms Award.   The quilt  was previously owned by a former student of Amy’s and she had some very happy memories of her teacher.  It is small-ish crib size, polyester satin top and back, polyester batting and polyester thread, piped edge.  The explanation for the ink splodge on the label is that when Amy was awarded her MBE, she was so proud and delighted that she recalled a number of her quilts to try and include “MBE” on the woven label – sometimes more successfully than others!  Hope you enjoy it –

8 thoughts on “Quilting classes – and a cupboard quilt”

  1. Oh my gawd! Wish I’d done a bit more with my hair….. Thanks for a really enjoyable day Barbara. I bought your quilting book in the mid 90’s from Liberty’s London, and was immediately hooked. I didn’t think that all these years later I would be sitting in one of your classes! Jacky x

  2. I find it very touching that she recalled some quilts to add the MBE. In this world that is often so cynical about achievement it shows genuine pride in having done something well, even if it did splodge at times.

  3. Now we can see why Amy Emms was so revered in the quilting world. I am still thinking of those quilt patterns Barbara and the centre of that quilt looks remarkably like the centre of that silver salver. Can’t wait for the pattern book.

  4. I’m not surprised that you treasure this quilt!!thank you so much for sharing it. Amy Emms’ work is truly amazing -you are so lucky to have one of her quilts!
    I have only recently found your blog and enjoy reading about all your vintage quilts. Thank you.

  5. Oh, what a Lucky Girl you are that Himself would recognize what a treasure of a gift this would be! That is one smart man!! In addition to her MBE, Amy Emms was also inducted in 1992 into The (International) Quilters Hall of Fame (TQHF) located in the state of Indiana (USA). TQHF is now headquartered in the restored historic house that Marie Webster lived in when she designed her famous applique quilts in the early 1900s and wrote the first book dedicated solely to quilt hstiory in 1915. Her quilts were the first ever to appear in color in a magazine in the USA — January 1911 in Ladies Home Journal. I don’t know when the first quilt appered in color in a magazine in the UK or Europe. Anyone know? There are three Brits in The Quilters Hall of Fame. The lastest post on the TQHF blog is about Shiela Betteron who created the quilt collection at The American Museum in Britain located in Bath. http://thequiltershalloffame.blogspot.com/

  6. are there classes available to teach me to quilt well.
    I live in southern indiana, and need one on one. or a quilting for dummies class? i am willing to travel for help learning.

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