Quilting at The Bramble Patch

A lovely day, despite an early morning start and thick fog (this is the British summer after all) – a full class of eager and well-behaved students and a retail opportunity in one of my favourite quilt shops.  If you’ve never visited The Bramble Patch (www.thebramblepatch.co.uk) then you really should – great fabric, books, classes, threads and notions, longarm service, wonderful staff and tremendous atmosphere, and a mere 4 miles from Jn 16 of the M1.

So here are some more studies in concentration, beginning with an unexpected “only the second thing I’ve made” quilt top which was absolutely charming –

and a detail from one of my class samples –

A reminder that if you love looking at vintage quilts you really must visit Pippa Moss’s blog (if you haven’t already) – she has a fabulous collection which she is sharing with excellent pictures and informative commentary.

6 thoughts on “Quilting at The Bramble Patch”

  1. How wonderful to have a young one in your class. I keep hoping that my Sarah will take it up but she is still in denial. All your ladies look deep in concentration. That is beutiful stitching you have done.

  2. Barbara, I didn’t realize you were going to be at The Bramble Patch today. It really made my day seeing you! I must sort out a little hand-quilting project, so that I have something to do whilst the football world cup is on tv later this month.

    And I promise I’ll teach my brand-new granddaughter how to quilt when she is a little older. 🙂


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