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I’m still trying to push myself to do the almost laughably small amount of work needed to finish a pattern book – probably only five pages plus tips, cover and back text.  This is the project I was working on back in February and it really should have been finished by May and here we are, in June and it’s no further forward.  It seems to be one of those projects that is so close to being finished that it keeps being put aside in favour of other things.   So, in the interests of naming and shaming myself,  here are a couple of rough drawings that need to be cleaned up as part of the finishing process  –

One feeble excuse for getting sidetracked on this project today was pulling this book off the shelf and being inspired all over again for classic quilting designs –

Published by University Press of New England in 2009, edited by Lynne Zacek Bassett, beautifully produced with fabulous drawings of wholecloth quilts and much more besides.

Another “sidetracked again” topic has been the imminent ChrisandBarbara class on “Free & Easy Applique” and it’s been a lot of fun making samples –

The class will focus on using and fusing simple shapes and machine applique. This sample shows the importance of using the correct size needle and a dark neutral thread in the bobbin – needle holes are very visible as is the black bobbin thread!   My good friend Patricia Cox will hoot with laughter if she sees this – Pat does exquisite needleturn applique and has been teaching and designing applique in a wide range of styles from Oriental to Baltimore and beyond for many years.  If applique interests you at all do take a look at the patterns on her website (the resolution of the pictures may be a little grainy). 

Even more sidetracking occurred after the arrival of a lovely package containing a cross stitch pattern I had coveted from afar (or at least across the blogosphere).  Kate posted pictures of her progress with this pattern on her blog and, now that she has finished,  she has been kind enough to send the pattern on to me.  So far I have marshalled the fabric, threads and needle and put everything into a bag to carry around and, just like Eeyore and his balloon, taken everything out and put everything back in the bag several times.  (Memo to self – must get out more!) 

Kate has also come up with a great idea for stay-at-home Round Robins – do visit her blog to get the details, it sounds like a lot of fun! 

So it’s time to put aside the sidetracking, back to the drawing board.  But first I must just check out a few more blogs, and there’s the batty Border Collie needing a walk  ….

10 thoughts on “Books and a blog”

  1. The samples look very good Barbara and I shall look forward to being able to purchase the patterns in the not too distant future. There is no easy solution to applique. I have found that which ever method you use there is still a lot of preparation beforehand to make it successful. I prefer needleturn myself but I do occasionally like to use steam a seam.

  2. That is a great book with nice detailed drawling of the hand quilting designs. Looking forward to your new book. Plenty of projects to keep you busy. Have fun with the machine appliqué I pretty much stick to needle turn which does not go as fast. 🙂

  3. Don’t you just hate it when you have that block!!! Just think how good you will feel when you have finally finished. Cute little cross stitch and even cuter dog!!

  4. How funny is this- I pulled my Massachusets Quilt book off the shelf last night. I have a stinking cough and cold and thought just looking at pics of quilts would make me feel better. Well I do live in hope. The new pattern look nice . Will it be ready for the FOQ?.

  5. Love the Eeyore/balloon analogy. I do that all the time and get such simple pleasure from it!
    Fabulous quilting patterns; I especially like the top one – something quite Elizabethan about it.

  6. I like the quilting pattern too – as for applique, I find needleturn difficult, so use freezer paper – not quite as keen on the ‘flatness’ of bonded. By the way, what is ‘Batty’s’ real name? !

  7. Have just scrolled through all of your blogs. £40.00 for two pints of beer!!But love the collie picture – quilts pretty good too. I can’t believe you are actually cutting up your V and A fabrics. I keep getting mine out and rearranging them with a view to keeping them intact…..Off to Spain on Sunday..all best Katharine

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