Vintage crib quilt and a good idea

The majority of the quilts stashed away in the upstairs cupboard are nothing special in terms of condition, appearance, historical interest – the majority have arrived in my keeping from various generous souls who have asked me to “give this a good home”, knowing that I teach, give talks etc., and I’ve been honoured and grateful to have them in my keeping. 

This crib quilt is one that was acquired by Himself for a very modest sum at an antiques fair probably 20years ago, and I’ve always intended to spend some time  and “do something” with it.  It looks relatively uninviting, certainly not spectacular, 32″ x 38″ approx, pink cotton top, twill woven backing, thin cotton batting, narrow hand stitched binding, some bleach damage at one corner.  The date is quite a difficult issue  – it could be as early as 1860 and as late as 1900. But, whatever its age,  it certainly bears closer inspection – a delightful handled basket with traditional 8- and 16-petal “roses”, running feather borders with corner “roses”.  I’ve begun drawing up the pattern as you can see, and you can probably guess where this is going … !  Of course there’s the small matter of that other pattern book to get finished as well, but this is definitely FUN! 

So tomorow it might be a case of back to the drawing board, rather than spinning or stitching!

5 thoughts on “Vintage crib quilt and a good idea”

  1. I really do like these smaller quilts – apart from running out of beds to display full sized quilts, I like to be able to complete a project relatively quickly and get on to something else! I have made a few miniature quilts which are wall hung. I fancy doing a crib ‘ish’ size wholecloth as a wall hanging. Crack on Barbara !

  2. Lovely pattern appearing from this quilt. Would love to try to get one done for an impending birth in October – no pressure on you then!

  3. How wonderful to have these cupboards to store quilts etc etc. Most of my quilts live on the guest bed and it is always a problem finding them another home when visitors arrive. This is one of the disadvantages of living in a modern open plan house suited to the tropics.
    I love the way your quilting designs are evolving and what a wonderful source of inspiration these old quilts are.

  4. well you can always trace it and send me a copy I would love to hand quilt a quilt like this. My drawing skills are minimum and yet I yearn to draw out a whole cloth quilt and hand quilt. There is something about these quilts that just inspire me so much
    I love to look at the different designs and how they add so much texture to a piece of cloth.
    your blog is such an inspiration to me

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