Middle of summer

The weather is warm and dry (perhaps too dry here in deepest middle England) and today I’ve been able to get at least two quilts washed and outside to dry – I really should take time to wrestle with the quilts in that upstairs cupboard and see if I can persuade a few others to undergo the same (careful) treatment.  Of course, the key word here is time – there are a lot of quilts which will need wrestling and re-arranging in order to get at the ones which would benefit from laundering.  And when it’s warm, quilt wrestling isn’t quite the first activity that comes to mind – sitting around with a modest amount of hand piecing and a long cool drink sounds like a much better proposition …  Anyway, I hope to show pics of freshly-washed quilts just as soon as they’re ready – and I continue to ponder the practicalities of having patterns for several of the cupboard quilts.  So far, I’ve scribbled diagrams and notes for packaging and paper sizes and started to list possible quilts – at least it’s a start!

A lovely day yesterday – I was the guest of Pentrich Patchers at their Open Day – smiling faces, retail therapy, superb cakes, Round Robin quilts to savour – what more could a quilter want?  Here’s the view at the back of the village hall – perfect for contemplating with tea and cake in hand

Just before opening time I had a stroll around the churchyard and found an amazing amount of decorative flourishes on the headstones – here’s one that caught my eye

At this point I’d like to sneak in the view from my sewing room – often contemplated with tea at hand!

Just down the lane the grass is a little bit greener

Thanks to a intense few days of checking proofs and revising layouts I’m way behind with replying to comments, emails and catching up with my blog reading  – hope to rectify that in the next day or so, and also get a few more patterns to this stage – (Shirley, I promised I would do something with the picture of that table!)

7 thoughts on “Middle of summer”

  1. Well done oh great leader! What do we do next? Patchwork show over and I don’t have to pull my finger out until 3 weeks before the next deadline 2 years away!!! so need something to do inbetween. What else have you got stashed in that tardis and why is Mr Chainey afraid to go there?
    Our Kid.

  2. Love the pics

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

    (By the way I used to be Quilting in the Valleys but I’ve had to change my blog. Long Story)

  3. Shall look forward to seeing the freshly washed quilts soooooooon.
    Now their’s a thought regarding another border round the goose in the pond quilt. Another Eye another point of view.
    Have I got enough fabric I ask myself.

  4. Great views but wrong tea!!! lol!

    I don’t envy you your washing marathon but hopefully the weather will remain kind and it can all be done. Don’t you just love pulling something out of the cupboard in the winter that still smells of warm summer days?

  5. Ah but quilt-wrestling is a good alternative to going to the gym (I am trying to stay healthy/get thinner!). Love the photographs. And thanks for your comment on my blog- greatly appreciated!

  6. How do you get any work done with that view in front of you? Missed Pentrich this year as I was working but it has been good in the past. Hope you managed to take advantage of the weather for quilt washing and that you don’t get fried at Wimbledon.

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