All washed up

Whew!  before the summer weather is interrupted with some much-needed rain I have managed to wash 8 quilts (and watch some great tennis during a quick visit to Wimbledon).   There are at least another 4 quilts which are suitable cases for washing but there won’t be time now until after the weekend. 

Amongst the first batch of laundry was a quilt that I rescued (ok, paid money for) from the floor of an antiques dealer’s van probably 15 years ago.  He had started off using it as protective wrapping for some fairly hideous lamps and, when I spotted it, it was just a floor covering.  As you can imagine, it was none too clean at that point.  He really didn’t want to sell it but sometimes cash talks really loudly – although I have to say, there wasn’t a lot of cash involved.  It’s a small single size (67inches x 77inches)  and matte cotton sateen front and back, knife edge finish with a line of machine stitching.  The design is simple and features the Hawick heart motif (without the thistle) referred to in Quilt Treasures on P128, swags topped with trefoils and 12petal roses.  The background or filler quilting is 1inch diamonds.  White quilts are not the easiest thing to photograph and have the texture show clearly but I think you will get a good enough impression from the following photos –

So, Shirley and Kathie – want to volunteer for this one??!

Here’s someone who’s not volunteering but is a serious appreciator of quilts in other ways – seeing quilts hung out to dry made her very happy!

Still seriously behind with blogreading, comments and replies – apologies, it’s been a silly week, will try to catch up over the weekend.

9 thoughts on “All washed up”

  1. Oh now that is devine! How do you do it finding these things?

    I can just see the cat imagining herself sprawled on that one. Lol

  2. Looks so beautiful washed and swaying in the breeze. Getting lots of inspiration for my baby quilt at the moment. With that white chest and socks it looks like she has been in the washing machine too, how does she keep so clean?

  3. I have seen MEN antique dealers use old quilts over the years to wrap what they think is a pride and joy- Little did they know the value of the pride and joy they were using. Another quilt to cossett- love it.

  4. I really love the heart pattern and I’m going to use it for one of my wholecloths one day. And your kitty fits perfect to the wonderful white quilt in the summer breeze – totally relaxing! Thank you for sharing, Barbara!

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