Another washed quilt

While the freshly-washed quilts are easily to hand (ie they’re not back in the cupboard yet) it seemed like a good idea to show another one – hope it’s not getting too repetitive and boring!   I have no provenance for this quilt (like so many of the others in the cupboard) and paid very little for it at an antique fair at least 10years ago.  And just in case you are wondering what constitutes “very little” in my quilt buying terms  –  £50 or less.  The condition of this particular quilt could not be described as good, there are lots of broken stitches and signs of general wear and tear but the overall design is still clear and appealing.  It measures a standard 72inches x 90inches, white cotton sateen front and back, cotton batting that has seriously shifted in places, knife edge finish, single line of machine stitching at the very edge.  I especially like the “unturned” corners where the running feather goes straight to the edge then begins again in the new direction, rather than curving elegantly around the corner. 

Time to put this quilt away and get some stitching done!

9 thoughts on “Another washed quilt”

  1. Those very elegant feathers nearer the middle seem so much better and earlier than those on the outer edge and the machine worked edging suggest. Is it possible it was started and then finished much later? Let me warn you I don’t know much about dating but I have studied feather styles for years….

  2. I wonder if two different people worked on this quilt? I wish I could find some of these gems around this way! I sometimes see pieced quilts, but nothing that has really tempted me –

  3. The last place we stayed in in Ireland recently had a quilt very similar on the bed. Of course I inspected it but as it was quite crudly done and machined around the edges I thought it may have been a sweat-shop imported job. Now you have me thinking otherwise.

  4. Hi Barbara,
    Really enjoyed reading through your blog while hubby watches the latest footie match. Love the pictures of the wholecloth quilts- as I’m doing a bit of research before going on one of Lilian Hedleys holidays later this month.
    See you, take care,
    Lyn x

  5. I love seeing your quilts on the line – I think I can smell their freshness from here! And your gorgeous ginger cat is such a darling sleeping away on one. x

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