Peaceful chaos

The quilt cupboard is temporarily out of bounds and the room itself in chaos (more painting and moved furniture), so no vintage quilts to show for the next few days.  Up in my sewing HQ I’ve finished the production line of bunting and also the signature blocks for the forthcoming wedding celebrations, and I’ve made a start on tidying up and cleaning up – I’m always amazed by just how much mess one person can make with some fabric, a rotary cutter and a sewing machine!   The signature blocks were quite fun to make but I won’t be able to decide how to group and set them until they’ve been to the wedding party and everyone has signed up.  (There’s a sort-of tutorial for making the blocks over on the Chris&Barbara blog) Here’s how I think the blocks might be set together –

Tidying up and cleaning up involved a lot of opening doors, drawers and stacking crates,  and hurried assessment of contents.  I’m now agitated because a large bag containing a whole load of black and white vintage blocks hasn’t been seen – I suspect it may be at the back of the quilt cupboard, so can’t check there until the paint chaos is finished.  And of course it’s becoming more important by the minute to find this bag …  there is no real need to find it, its just one of those annoying things.  I was so sure I knew where it was, remembered keeping it for years in a particular place, probably changed my mind somewhere along the way and now the not knowing is driving me crazy! 

The next thing to drive me crazy will probably be these small samples –

– the patterns are from the EQ library and were quick and easy to do, but they would look so much better (and might even get finished into something vaguely useful/usable) with a fabric border.   So, trawling through the stash (at least I can remember where I keep this) looks like being the next thing to do – so much for the clearing away and tidying!  But stash trawling is very therapeutic and peaceful, even with the chaos elsewhere …. enjoy the weekend.

1 thought on “Peaceful chaos”

  1. Ha! the clearing away and tidying gets to us all eventually. My spare room is now spotless and I am quite proud of it but oh dear! The other rooms look like a bomb site as I have just decanted everything elsewhere. You can even look into the wardrobe and I guarantee nothing will fall out. Found quite a few UFO’s that I had forgotten about though. Like the idea of the signature quilt of the wedding guests. How much are you charging to hire out the bunting?

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