The bag is found

A good day!  The wayward bag containing my collected assortment of black and white blocks has been found and I’ve found a fabric that I think works as a frame for the small corded sample.  Starting with the sample here’s what it presently looks like –

and here’s a companion sample, same framing fabric, same design, different technique –

Next step is quilting for both pieces.

Just as I had suspected, the cloth bag containing the black and white blocks was exactly where it has been for the past couple of years – before that it was in a cupboard in sewing HQ which was the part I remembered and the first place I looked.  The memory certainly isn’t what it used to be – probably an age thing!  If you enjoy looking at old/vintage fabrics there may be something to savour in the following pictures.  These are just some of the black and white blocks, there are other vintage blocks (and fabrics) in the bag which I’ll share in another post. 

Some of the blocks have been unpicked from quilt tops, some are machine pieced, the majority hand pieced and the stitching is not always top quality.  But they have survived.  Black and white was not the most popular or commonplace colourscheme for obvious reasons, but it has a sharp classic look even today.  As you will have worked out, when I acquired the first 2 blocks at International Quilt Festival in Houston 20 years ago my original plan was to eventually collect enough blocks to make a small sampler style quilt.  And we all know about the best laid plans etc etc!  It was such fun rummaging through the antique quilt booths each year looking for these blocks that, after 5 years, I realised that I had too many blocks and would have to make choices if the quilt was to be made.  So much easier to just continue looking and acquiring and enjoying!

8 thoughts on “The bag is found”

  1. Glad you found them. They are very pretty. (classic) You could always put them back in the bag and then add to them.:) A sampler would be beautiful.

  2. What a nice collection of vintage blocks I hope you do something with them ONE day.
    Funnily enough I bought back 9 black and white blocks from Paducah this year- sadly not for me but for my friend. They would go very nicely with yours.

  3. What fabulous mourning fabrics. I’m glad they turned up and very glad you shared them with us…I enjoyed looking at all of them. I have a small collection of vintage fabrics but only one mourning piece and I spotted it in your pile(snap)in the house block. Doesn’t matter if they don’t ‘become’ anything, they are already a treasure.
    Thanks again for sharing…

  4. Beautiful blocks – black and white is ‘big’ this year apparently – there are a number of new fabrics around in black and white. I really like the stripes. I am glad you found the bag; I hate niggling worries about where I have put things, especially as I put things ‘somewhere safe’ and then can never find them again!

  5. I love the versatility of the flower block Barbara. A great idea for the new book!! Now these black and white blocks would look stunning with the addition of a single colour to liven them up. I particularly like the crown of thorns block but they all look attractive. All you have to do now is assemble them, quilt it and decorate a bedroom to match and no I am not volunteering.

  6. I am happy for you that you found the bag! So funny that you posted these color blocks, I wish the fabric companies would reproduce more of these fabrics.
    I just love adding these blacks, grays, mourning prints to my quilts. Gives them that aged look right away!
    I am getting ready to reproduce an antique quilt and am looking for a black/grey stripe right now to use in the quilt.
    Love your sample blocks too, so wonderful to see it done in fabrics as well as the cording, great comparison, both are just beautiful. Can’t wait to see them after you quilt them. Please share them with us.

  7. The sample blocks look very effective framed in that fabric and I’m so glad you found the bag of black and whites. I agree with Shirley that you need to assemble them.

  8. I was SO excited to hear from you my dear long lost friend!! Could you please send me your email address. I have written a few time – quite awhile back – and never got a response, so may not have the correct address. Mine hasn’t changed. Would love to catch up – still need to get you back to Colorado to teach my machine quilters to have a sense of style. Longarm quilting is taking over the earth and now all I hear is no one knows what to quilt on their quilt!! Are you working on a book for us? The strippy book? Carrie and I beat you and Lee – we have turned in the 3rd Volume of Quilters Academy and I am starting to write the 4th this month. You wouldn’t believe our Carrie and her quilting skills. She has an eye for filling space and she is becomming a very skilled machine quilter as well as doing a great job running the store. Please write so we can catch up!!

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