Vintage applique blocks

Before the rolling circus of moving things out and putting things away goes any further (those of you keeping a close eye on our domestic arrangements need to know that my Grand Scheme is almost finished, last round of painting and carpet this next week) here are the applique blocks I mentioned in the previous post.  Acquired 10 years ago at International Quilt Festival, the blocks measure 20inches square (approx).  The stitching is fine and even, the fabrics possibly home-dyed – that wonderful pine blue/green that looks almost black in some lights.  I would estimate date being somewhere around 1840 – ?  There’s something very joyful about the large-scale design – hope you enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Vintage applique blocks

  1. The stitcher was quite accomplished as those points are very neat and the stitching on the back is lovely and even. Very nice. I still think that cupboard is the Tardis. How many more treasures do you have stored there? Why is Mr Chainey afraid to go there?

  2. just beautiful
    oh how I love red/green and cheddar quilts, my first love!
    would be nice to see all the four green bases together in the center,
    oh I think this would make a beautiful center for a medallion quilt
    how lucky you are tohave all 4 blocks
    normally you only find one like this

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