That cupboard again

General agitation throughout the house – our daughter’s wedding is on Saturday, so you can imagine the scurrying around and low level anxiety for yourselves.   Everyone has been through the new clothes and new shoes scenario (lots more anxiety) and even the long-suffering dog has had to endure a visit to the grooming parlour (I forgot to ask them not to use perfumed shampoo and she has spent the last 24 hours tucked away where she can’t be seen or sniffed.)  Tomorrow we are summoned to help with tables and decor, a task which will quite probably include the strategic placing of the lengths of bunting speedily constructed a couple of weeks ago here at Sewing HQ. 

Lots of movement (and anxiety) on the cupboard front too – first I needed to get everything, really everything, out so that the walls and ceiling could be painted, then everything, really everything, had to go back in when the paint had dried so that the room can be used over the weekend.  On Monday I need to get everything, really everything back out again and into a different room so that new carpet can go down on Wednesday.  Thursday’s plan is obviously to move everything, really everything, back into the cupboard yet again.   I took a before and after shot of the first emptying – it’s not a pretty sight –

Just to satisfy Shirley’s curiousity I shall take a picture of the newly-painted empty cupboard in all it’s Tardis-like  glory next week.   In a perfectly-ordered world I would have had time to take pictures of everything as it emerged from the cupboard – ha!  I did manage a few shots, one of which is of a corner of a lovely black & white Goose in the Pond quilt

samples of my quilting designs circa 1999 –

– a tattered old Album block, here’s a detail of the back, showing the patching and size of stitches

– a printed Baltimore panel, produced by Rose & Hubble and based on an original design by my good friend Patricia Cox (who will be visiting shortly which is one of the reasons for all this smartening up of cupboards, paintwork etc)

This lovely block also surfaced – I know Kathie will like this one, I’ll perhaps post about it in more detail in the future because I think the applique and quilting are from two quite different periods –

Signing off for a few days – happy stitching!

17 thoughts on “That cupboard again”

  1. That’s a very interesting cupboard and one I would love to have delved into. Really like the goose in the pond and again interesting to see how it is quilted. The red and white applique’s are gorgeous too.

    Hope your daughter has a wonderful wedding day and that you and hubby make the most of it and enjoy the day also.

  2. First photo I thought “what a gorgeous room, nice quilt on the bed too”, second photo “oh my giddy Aunt!”
    How fabulous to have all those quilts and textiles.
    I’m really glad I subscribe cos there’s an email notice when I get up in the morning and I can start my day looking at reading about your quilts.
    Thanks again Barbara.
    PS Best wishes to the happy couple and enjoy your day as Mother of the Bride… I’m sure you’ll have fun.

  3. What absolutely wonderful quilts you have in your cupboard and I am looking forward to future posts and more photos of the quilts. I sympathise with the ins and outs for renovation work and guests. Whenever I tidy up for visitors it is like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.
    I am also looking forward to photos of the happy day and don’t forget to include the Mother of the Bride. Best wishes to the happy couple and have a very enjoyable time.

  4. These things always happen together!!

    Well we have had the most delicious downpour since 5 this morning. I hope it will have passed over you too. Everything will be fresh and looking bright for Saturday and the sun will shine with a light breeze to flutter your bunting.

    Have a wonderful day (Not too many G&Ts!!)and wishes to the happy couple.


  5. Well, that cupboard must be bigger than it looks! What interesting textiles –
    Have a great weekend, enjoy the day – after all the planning (and bunting!) it’ll be gone all too soon. Best wishes to the Bride and Groom.

  6. I am not fooled. Note you showed the content and not the cupboard!!! I shall have to come and investigate for myself. Lots of good eye candy there though. Love the goose in the pond block and the lovely quilting blocks. We need to get hand quilting back on the agenda again. I am sure the wedding will be a great day and then you can relax for a while.
    Love Shirley.

  7. What treasure you have here! A delight to come and see. It always fascinates me to see hand stitching on an old textile – or indeed a new one – and that little album block is very appealing.

  8. oh my of course I LOVE That block!!!! I need to make an oak leaf and reel quilt soon, ah turkey reds and poison green anything better????

    thanks for sharing all the blocks as always I love seeing them and learning more.
    Lucky you having a visit from Patricia Cox!
    How I would love to just have lunch with her and listen to her talk about antique quilts all day!
    Enjoy the wedding and all the activities, congrats.

  9. What a crazy week before the wedding. I’m sure you’ll get everything accomplished that needs to be done.
    What gorgeous sneek peaks into your cupboard!!

  10. Your quilts are so beautiful. I like cupboards, they are full of surprises and forgotten treasures. I hope you all enjoyed your special day on Saturday.

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