Normal service will be resumed

Well, we made it through the wedding in more or less one piece and Himself is now relieved of the burden of delivering the Father’s speech.  Decorations and canvas structures are due to be removed from site today and there’s just a chance that the happy couple may briefly visit us on their homeward journey.  Weather was mostly fine – a big thank you to everyone for their good wishes which were greatly appreciated.  Lots of photos were taken but very few by me  (too busy taking care of my mother) so I might sneak one or two into another post later on when Himself has downloaded from his camera.

And now – somehow normal service and activities need to be resumed.  There is, of course, the Grand Domestic Shuffling Around of cupboard and bedroom contents that I talked of in my last post – this needs to be accomplished later today and finished tomorrow in readiness for carpet laying on Wednesday.  I’ve managed to straighten up some of the chaos in Sewing HQ so, for this week, normal service is going to focus on finishing up  samples for a Chris&Barbara Layer Cake class.  One full set of blocks is already done and waiting to be pieced into a top and the second set of blocks is pieced into units

and needs to be pieced into blocks, then a top.  All straightforward stuff which (hopefully) won’t require too much mental effort!

I’m also going to take part in the Stay At Home Robin organised by Kate North – this is a great idea for those of us who are full of good intentions but never get around to committing to any of the Round Robin exchanges.  Instead of swapping blocks and borders with others you do what it says in the title – Stay At Home and do the different blocks and sections to her directions and using your own stash.  An excellent challenge, and it will be great to just follow someone else’s instructions and see what happens.  Slip over to her blog to get the full details and see pictures of some of the first blocks – and if you want to join in, it’s not too late!  When Kate first posted info. about the Stay At Home Robin I was trying to get the wedding signature blocks finished and wondered if I might be able to use any spares for my first Robin block –  here’s a couple of possibilities

but when it came to the crunch I submitted these two blocks instead. 

Only one block was required, but in true fashion, I found it impossible to come to a decision so this way I kept my options open!  Looking forward to the next set of instructions – I’ll let you know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “Normal service will be resumed”

  1. Wonderful to hear the wedding went well. Looking forward to pictures of the Bride, Himself and Mother-of-the-bride. Have fun with the stay at home robin. I have done one and enjoyed it.

  2. I am too pooped to party as they say. Have been shopping with no1 daughter for wedding outfit for next week. This was expedition two – successful mission. I am also now broke. Love the colours in the first set and the stay at home robin sounds like a good idea. Glad your big day went well, I shall look forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Glad to hear that the day went well and look forward to seeing the photos. The colours in the signature blocks are gorgeous as are the Layer Cake blocks.

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