Not quite as planned

Today’s plan A didn’t quite work out and I’m now up to Plan D, having quickly dispensed with Plans B and C!  It’s all the fault of that darn cupboard – or rather, it’s my fault because I had meant to arrange to have the doors taken off, planed and re-hung in the spare bedroom after the carpet had been fitted.  With wedding things on my mind I totally forgot to make the arrangement, so the bedroom carpet has been duly laid and looks spendid – but none of the doors can be opened and shut with ease.  So we now have a different bedroom shut off from use and completely piled up with junk  quilts and furniture – and an imminent guest.  Instead of being able to refill the cupboard, taking pictures of quilts as I went, all I’ve managed to do is take one shot looking into the cupboard

and another shot, looking out at the chaos in the bedroom, from the back of the cupboard

So there you are Shirley – it isn’t really a Tardis, but it is a generous size for the UK, and was one of the reasons that I was very keen that we should buy this house 20 years ago! 

Whilst all this shuffling and re-arranging is going on I did take some pictures of  a  favourite vintage quilt top (but completely forgot to take measurements – actually, didn’t have room to spread it out and take measurements – I’d say from memory that it’s a small double bed size and the blocks are 6inches).  This is going to be one of my “When I retire” projects to hand quilt on my big traditional frame … here are just a few of the blocks (Kathie, I suspect you will like these)

The blocks are hand pieced and have been assembled into a top by machine and there’s a great variety of those wonderful blue and white apron prints from the 1890s – 1900s.

When I was pointing the camera at the blue & white quilt top, another favourite quilt was visible on a different pile.  I’m almost sure I’ve shown this in an earlier post, but couldn’t resist – it’s folded Log Cabin worked onto a foundation, blocks whipstitched together, picked up out of a skip (dumpster) and parted from a not-very-savoury bottle green velvet border

Now it’s time to see if Plan D will work – hope to be rather more organised (and able to open doors) by the next post.  And I’ve fallen behind with blogreading and commenting again ….

10 thoughts on “Not quite as planned”

  1. I would think that your imminent guest would enjoy snuggling into all those quilts. I do like the blue and white one but I guess we’ll have a long wait to see it quilted if you are waiting until you retire.

  2. I do like those blue and white blocks – especially the fabric with the tulip type flower and dot design on it. I see it appears in two of the blocks. I have always been a brown and pink person, but blues are growing on me. By the way, I don’t ever see vintage quilts in skips around my neck of the woods!

  3. I hope plan d pans out!!

    Blue and white quilts are always a very big favorite of mine and stars! This will be a great hand quilting project.

    I can’t imagine this charming log cabin quilt with a velvet green border!!! It is really a fun quilt with such a variety of fabrics.

  4. Love those Blue & White blocks from the late 1800s!

    The Log Cabin quilt looks like it was assembled in what some here in the U.S. are calling “pot holder” quilts. There was a discussion about them on both BQTHL or QHL last year.

  5. Thank goodness it is a cupboard and not a wardrobe otherwise I might think there was also a lion, a witch and several small children in amongst the quilts. Love the prettiness of the log cabin quilt and the blue quilt top is also on my ever growing wish list of quilts to make. Hope the bedroom gets sorted out soon.

  6. I am going to love seeing the Blue and White star quilt- QUILTED. When is you retire Barbara?

    That looks a lovely BIG cupboard for storage- I would like one of those.

  7. oh yes I love those stars and seeing the fabrics up close!
    looks like a great big storage closet…hopefully you will have time now to clean it all up!
    ah yes this blue and white star quilt will look wonderful quilted any idea on how you will quilt it?
    I like the folded log cabin blocks, have always wanted to try that, love the dimension they give when you look at the quilt..
    do the black centers go all around the border of the quilt?

  8. Isn’t it fascinating to see how fabric prints change (or don’t) over the years? The blue and white blocks look so modern. And I can hardly believe you found that beautiful log cabin quilt in a skip! It must have seen you passing. It’s certainly in safe hands now 🙂

  9. I have some of those indigo prints in my 3 cats stash of indigo fabrics. I was so pleased to learn they were still being printed with the original printing blocks in South Africa.

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