A little bit of stitching

I’ve managed to sneak in the smallest amount of stitching you can imagine and am feeling disproportionately smug.  It’s the next step in the Stay At Home Robin and both of my blocks have been extended according to the latest set of instructions.  OK, so it was only 2 pieces measuring 4″ x 6″ but it was a good feeling being almost ahead of the game – instructions are posted at the beginning of each month.  As an extra challenge to myself (and to avoid having to make fresh fabric choices) I’m going to try and use fabric that’s already cut from my class demos of the Fast Quilts cutting plan – so far, so good!  Here are the first 2 stages, version 1 –

There are so many productive stitchers out there – I’ve been almost like a deer trapped in headlights catching up with some of my favourite blogs and seeing who’s making what and how much.  The klosjes I first saw on Sue’s blog, I Sew Quilts, really appealed to me, and I almost got started with those, but decided I liked everyone else’s so much that it was easier (and less work) just to enjoy their pictures.  Same thing for the hexagon sewalong/One Flower Wednesday – great idea and lots of fabulous work to savour, just didn’t get around to joining in.  Not to mention clamshells over at Stitcherydo … and now it’s Pies & Tarts (highly addictive but, thankfully, no calories) which I first found at Frances’ blog Quilting Owl.   There’s always something to admire at Inspired by Antique Quilts and Quiltsalott  (and she does!)  I’ve come to the conclusion that most blogging quilters don’t need much sleep and just sew all day and most of the night too! 

My friend Pat Cox has been staying with us for a few days, recovering from a nasty virus picked up on her travels, and while she’s been resting I’ve been able to raid her suitcase and take a few pictures of some of the work she had brought for her classes in Devon and also at Alston Hall.  (Some of you will know that Pat, together with Betty Mansfield, has taught a residential Baltimore class at Alston Hall for the last 20 years – what an achievement!)  There wasn’t enough time to press everything nicely for the camera, but I thought you might enjoy these all the same –

This one, inspired by one of the quilts at the V&A exhibit, is all pinned out and ready to go and I think it will be a lot of fun – Pat assures me that  it’s a British lion in the lower right corner!

Pat’s original design showcasing a recent line of William Morris fabrics –

Design by Pat, stitched and quilted by Victoria Miller

My stitching this week should be sampler blocks for the Chris&Barbara evening classes starting in September, and also creating the step by step pictures for the Mystery Monday project we’re running on our blog.  But then again, I may get distracted by reading about all the stitching being done throughout blogland …

12 thoughts on “A little bit of stitching”

  1. I know what you mean about keeping a tight rein on doing things, there’s some great stuff going on out there. And what a great suitcase too! Lovely.

    And thank you for my birthday G&T!!! It was purrrrfect.

  2. Sometimes it’s too easy to be tempted by all that is out there but I do agree that it is good to view what everyone else is doing. Wonderful items in that suitcase, will you be trying to hide it in your cupboard?

  3. What wonderful blocks and I never get tired of looking at the work out there. My trouble is that when I see everything I get too many ideas and off I go at a tangent again and start another project. I have been feeling lately that I am going around in circles (too many pies and tarts) and I need to put my head down and have some finishes particularly the shop samples and new designs Peter is screaming out for at the shop – not to mention promised patterns.

    Our house is a WIP and I sympathise with you over the cupboard and how plans never quite go as we would like to make our life easier.

    Happy stitching from Frances in the tropics where winter has finally come (it dropped to 17 degrees last night!!!)

  4. oh thanks for sharing pictures of Pat’s work
    I love those birds and well the quilt from the V and A museum is on my list of quilts to make,
    thanks for sharing the pictures and I hope she is feeling better soon.

  5. Lovely post! I agree, somedays the blogs are quite impressive and daunting! So much wonderful work going on out there! Applause for the SAHR…you are well ahead of me, and I was so sure I could keep up with this! 😉

  6. Very inspirational work, The V&A one is going to be fab. I wonder how many V&A type quilts will be emerging round the world now.
    I hope Pat is recovering well.

  7. I agreee with all the stitching in blogland. I’ve held off on most of it and will enjoy what others are making.
    Pat’s quilts are fantastic! I’m so happy you were able to give us a sneak peak. I hope she is feeling better soon and up to teaching.

  8. Glad you like the Pies and Tarts. Do you think anyone will be interested in a Cheese and Oatcakes quilt?!!! I’m thinking shades of oatmeal and cheddar may not be appetising – sorry, appealing. So many quilts, so little time. I try not to worry about how many projects I have. Life is too short. My friends will have a field day rummaging through my stuff for the rich pickings.
    Love Shirley.x

  9. p.s. Well done on being ahead of the game. Love the idea of putting all those images onto a quilt. I wonder what I would put on it if it were my quilt? Now there go the cogs turning again. Can you hear the noise? Hope your friend is recovering, what better way than with a good friend and quilt therapy.

  10. So, Debbie Fetch said you had a blog and so I had to look you up. The exchange blocks, the Kaffe Fassett fabric ones in purple and blues, are the same as the Schnibbles “Darcy” with a 1″ or so border around them. I’m working on it for my Darcy for her birthday.

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