After all this time

No excuses or reasons for the lack of posts, I’m just trying to get back into the general swing of things before it’s too late!  I’ve been doing my best to keep up with blogreading and enjoying all the lovely stuff that everyone is involved with.  Here’s a quick rundown of just a little bit of what I’ve seen and where I’ve been –

Lots of teaching and planning with my Chris and Barbara hat on, plus teaching visits to established favourites The Bramble Patch and Farncombe Estate,  renewed acquaintance with Shipton Quilters where I had time for a lovely bloggy chat with Sue from I Sew Quilts.  

Forward planning for classes in 2012 includes Denman College, including an invitational reunion class which could be a lot of fun.  My next visit to Denman is a month or so away, 13th January – there may still be a  couple of spaces if you’d like to join us.

I’m keeping up with the Stay at Home Robin, although I have not managed to keep up with sending pictures through to Kate – we’re now at Round 6 and it’s fascinating seeing everyone’s creations developing month by month.  Here’s what one of my 2 Robins looked like earlier –

and it’s coming along really well. 

Then there was the Grand Expedition to Houston for Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival.  It’s all been said already about this major quilting event, so I won’t attempt to describe it – here’s just a few pics and links from  this year’s visit

For Market I was able to help my friend Debbie Wendt with her booth.  Debbie was promoting her wonderful Brilliant Bindings tool which has been very successful – all I can say is that yes, it really works, even I can use it and everyone should have one!

During Festival I was able to help Pat Cox with staffing  her booth One of a Kind Quilting Designs – one of Pat’s best-selling patterns this year was most appropriate for the current British weather

and lots of visitors commented on Pat’s William Morris quilt – you saw the centre panel of this in my previous post

Market and Festival provide a wonderful opportunity to meet up with friends – after my 18 years of attending and Pat’s 30 years we have a great time catching up with lots of quilting friends –

I managed to sneak away from the show and have a lovely lunch with Darlene Zimmerman – we had so much to chat about that we were in danger of having afternoon tea together too! 

Although I resisted the usual urge to buy everyvintage quilt on view at

 Mary Koval’s booth, it was a real thrill to see her new fabric line based on Baltimore blocks – another surefire winner from Mary I think!  It came as a huge (but very pleasant) shock to me on my very first trip to Festival to realise that antique and vintage quilts were on show and for sale, as well as all the fabrics, notions, books, quilts and classes.   Most years I have added another block or two to my black and white collection and some years I have returned home clutching a quilt.  This year’s vintage highlight for me was a quilt that was on display at Cindy Rennels’ booth – Broderie Perse

In the Patriotic Quilt special exhibit, which was based on quilts from Cindy’s private collection, this rather fabulous 1860’s piece captured my attention for quite a long time

Major fabric therapy this year came from many sources, but some of my repro favourites were supplied by the lovely Tara at Sew Unique Creations

and also from Quilts123 who have a wonderful array of handpicked repro selections beautifully packaged in all manner of precut shapes and sizes – resistance was futile !

There will be lots of pictures in magazines and on blogs and websites of many of the quilts that were  on show in Houston this year – the standard continues to rise, and the entire display of competition quilts and special exhibits was, as always, truly inspirational.   Here’s a detail from Sharon Schamber’s prizewinning “Mystique”

and a wild Clamshell quilt that reminded me of Shirley Sherratt’s (Stitcherydo)  love of Clamshells (apologies – I failed to track down the maker’s details before posting this).

And here’s the point at which I shall stop – the weather is still fairly grim (for England)

and there are various Bad Weather chores which need to be done (maintaining fires, feeding family and four footed friends).   More from deepest Middle England another day – hope you are all safe and warm.

8 thoughts on “After all this time”

  1. Excellent time with you in Houston! Thanks for ALL your help! Nice to see the highlights. Love the photos of the antique quilts, still my favorites! Stay warm in Middle England, no snow to report in New England. They had the first snow while we were in Houston ;>.

  2. I have missed your posts! Wonderful summary of some of the highlights of Market and Festival. We were lucky enough to be at Festival last year and I was blown away when I saw all the antique quilts. Take care!

  3. Glad you are back and with such good news. I bought every fabric (in yards) of Mary Kovals new line. The quilt that you purchased is lovely. Antique quilts are a never ending source of inspiration for me. Looks like you did get a nice selection of goodies.

  4. I suppose touring great quilt shows and catching up with work is some sort of excuse for neglecting us. But it’s a damn great excuse. Glad to have you back.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time over the pond and what lovely goodies you have shown and bought. The quilting on Sharon Schambers quilt looks amazing. What talent. Was the clamshell quilt by Barbara Barber by any chance – it looks like her technique? Love Pat’s snowmen quilt. Talented lady. Is that pink thread I see in that photo?
    Love Shirley

  6. Nice to see you back. Houston looks like a whole load of fun. I bought from Quilts 123 and Sew Unique Creations this year in Paducah.They all have so much lovely stuff its hard to know where to begin.
    I love the fact that the Americans have Antique Quilts on show as well as the new. That winning quilt looks like it took more than a few hours of work- Fabulous

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