Festive and vintage

Realised I hadn’t included pictures of a particularly handsome Whig’s Defeat quilt seen at Quilt Festival – such a classic don’t you think?  and the colours look particularly good at this time of year too.

The vintage applique star block I acquired at Festival a  few years ago (and still haven’t done anything with) also looks seasonally appropriate –

Still at Festival, this applique album/sampler quilt (above) was absolutely irresistible.  The neatly halved blocks in the border were a visual shock – it’s very tempting to imagine the maker just chopping up blocks on a mission to get the darn thing put together for quilting.

And a charming Whigs Defeat variation, also in the classic red and green

On a non-festive and non-vintage note (but still at Festival), this dramatic small quilt “Tiger Eyes” by Patt Blair, was one of my favourites among the gallery of small quilts for the popular Silent Auction –

which gives me the excuse to include a picture of one of our ginger hooligans doing his best to be photogenic so that he can have his moment of glory in blogland –

10 thoughts on “Festive and vintage”

  1. Lovely to read your posts again and I love the quilting on the Whig’s Defeat and Whig’s Defeat variation – very simple but effective. The halved blocks are a shock – a bit like stopping a piece of music in mid-phrase, or a picture not hangin straight: jarring. I don’t think I could live with that kind of boldness 🙂

  2. Lovely photo’s you have shown. Love the faded red and green whig’s defeat quilt and the red star is crying out for some of your beautiful quilting. Seems that all the snow has migrated to your screen. At least it isn’t sticking.

  3. Love the pictures of the quilts, Barbara. The tiger one is great.

    Your ginger cat looks so sweet and I could give him a home if you everget fed-up of him.

  4. The first quilt is really amazing!!
    The half blocks crack me up- and only on one side? Sure wish I knew what the quiltmaker was thinking.

    Your kitty is adorable!!!

  5. Lovely quilts and I was also intrigued with the half blocks – maybe it was a “size” issue and full blocks would have made the quilt too large and taken too long.

    I think we could all have a wonderful time stitching together. Take care!

  6. Thanks for these photos of such lovely quilts. The half block border is intriguing. And why shouldn’t that beautiful ginger rogue get his moment of fame, every one else seems to.

  7. I was delighted to find your blog and view the photos of the quilts. I am especially enamored with the Whig’s Defeat beauty. And being a fellow cat lover, I must say that your ginger cat is indeed most handsome.

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