Almost Christmas

Only one day left!  Everywhere outside is still suitably and seasonally snowy with temperatures to match.  Indoors is more or less cleaned up and most of the preparations complete.  At some point over the next few days I hope to have a quiet hour tucked away with some fabric, templates and a diagram of the Whigs Defeat block.  If that doesn’t appeal, then there are plenty of other projects that could be picked up instead, and I’m also looking forward to seeing what everyone else stitches over the holidays.  Wherever you are I hope you have a happy Christmas and many good things to come in the New Year.

8 thoughts on “Almost Christmas”

  1. Happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2011. Hope you have a relaxing Christmas break, and yes, we have got some sewing on standby for a quiet hour or two. I really do think quilting is something of a ‘comfort blanket’ – pardon the pun !! Jacky and Steph x

  2. Happy Christmas Oh Great Leader. Have you got stuff stashed in that red tardis – sorry, phone box? Enjoy the day and I shall look forward to doing some of that sewing with you in 2011.
    Love Shirley.x

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