In a good place

Sometimes you find that life is filled with good things – I’m putting this first anniversary post together in a very comfortable hotel where six of us meet up every year to sew, gossip and have a creative break.  The company is excellent, the food likewise, and we will all return home refreshed and re-charged.  Productivity abounds – as you can see from the following

My stitching output during this time has been modest but very satisfying – I’ve added to my stack of red, green and yellow Sawtooth Stars

and I’ve made a start on a Whigs Defeat block which I think will be fun to do

And I’m delighted to report that The Missing Thimble has turned up, which makes this stitching SO much easier.   (Why I had put it in an outdoor jacket pocket entirely escapes me, but there must have been a good reason … perhaps I thought I could multi-task and sew at the same time as walking the dog! )   Actually, the thimble had no choice but to come out of hiding as the wonderful Shirley  had sent me this treasure to keep it safe once it had been found – how lucky is that?  Thank you Our Kid, I shall wear it like a badge of honour.

The Thimble was returned to normal service just before I set off to teach hand quilting at Denman College.  The course went well, everyone worked very hard and a good time was had by all. 

Packing and unpacking for classes invariably results in some rummaging in the quilt cupboard.  During the last bout of rummaging I thought it might be about time to bring out these vintage quilt tops.  It’s quite a while since I took a good look at them and I find that they still have a lot of appeal.  The first is handpieced, with great variety in the quality of stitch, and a little fragile, but it could still be finished up into a quilt –

The second top is “just” hexagons – but if the hexagons are Turkey Red it can be pretty dramatic –

The third top is a Turkey Red Feathered Star which came to me many years ago from a generous US friend.  The concept was that I would finish it up with lashings of hand quilting.  The more I looked at it, the more I shied away from making a start – the original maker had, I think, lost her way at some point.  The centre star units within the Feathered Stars are mostly on point, but some of them are square on, for no particular reason.  It’s interesting that these centre stars are not pieced, but cut as a single piece of fabric.  The entire top is machine pieced with some considerable variations in seam allowance.

I can’t believe it’s a year since I started this blog – it has been said many times before but I truly have  found a whole new circle of friends, inspiration and support.  Warmest thanks to brave souls who have subscribed – I do appreciate your company!  (And, in the current difficult times, I’m particularly grateful that my friends in Cairo and Australia are safe).   It’s an established blogging tradition to have a giveaway to celebrate anniversaries, but I haven’t decided yet what the giveaway could be, so I’ll have to save that thrilling news for the next post when I get home.  Until then, I’m off to turn the music in my headphones up loud and enjoy some more stitching – cheers!

12 thoughts on “In a good place”

  1. Whta gorgeous projects are happening at yuor retreat! I could’t think of a better place to be.
    Happy news on finding your thimble!!

    The red and white quilts are fantastic! Soemtimes old quilts need to stay a top:)

  2. What gorgeous projects are happening at yuor retreat! I could’t think of a better place to be.
    Happy news on finding your thimble!!

    The red and white quilts are fantastic! Sometimes old quilts need to stay a top:)

  3. I can see some intense concentration on some of those faces – I remember that feeling! I am pleased to hear that your thimble turned up – isn’t it a nice feeling to find something like that? I lost a gold bracelet once, and found it about nine months later, in a screwed up empty carrier bag, among many others empties – very odd!

  4. Red and white quilts (or should I say tops) certainly have a wonderful appeal. The retreat sounds like heaven and I am very pleased you found that wonderful thimble – I thought I was the only one who did silly things like that.

    Thank you so much for thinking about us and I am pleased this difficult week is over. I also have just notched up an anniversary and a 100 posts and have been too distracted by events lately to organise my giveaways but they are on the list. Take care.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    It`s interesting that such a well known pattern as Grandmothers Flower Garden becomes so striking in a two colour scheme. The two lone white hexagons in the ‘path’ also lift the design out of the ordinary.

    I`m tempted to do one in indigo and white.

  6. Thank goodness your thimble turned up and what a gorgeous holder you now have for it. I just lost mine and found it in the waste bin – good job the bin men didn’t come before I found it. You and Shirl between you are turning me into a hexagon convert. I love the red and white quilts and your Whigs defeat. Also very taken with the Cathedral Window piece.

  7. Very productive – I can see. How did you manage all that quilting as well as the chatting, drinking, eating and laptopping? A gifted multitasker! Glad to hear the thimble turned up – a good omen for 2011. Hope to see you again soon.

  8. The quilts are great. I have a thimble holder in silver that can hang around my neck. They are great to have. The idea of a quilt retreat like that sounds like such a nice and relaxing thing to do. Have fun with your projects. I love your choice of fabrics.

  9. Happy Anniversary Barbara. Sounds like you had a great retreat!! I have a few vintage quilt tops in my collection too and it does become a dilemma on to quilt or not to quilt. Warmest regards, Sharron

  10. Eeek! A bit mean to put a pic of me on the web without warning :o)

    I’ve finished my course piece now and am about to start a cot quilt for the newest member of our family – my first nephew arrived last Wednesday. Haven’t been introduced yet though. That’s delayed the whole cloth quilt I’ve been promising myself – I keep getting a bit daunted at the thought of all that tacking!

    I was hoping to come to the Sept Denman reunion but looks as though I’ve left it too late and it’s full up. Maybe the April 12 one!

    Hope to see you some time anyway – good luck with the multi-tasking.

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