Battling with technology

I hadn’t realised just how attached/dependent I had become to the little basics of a quilter’s life – the laptop, the internet, Electric Quilt, the camera, the music – until I got the onscreen warning that the laptop hard drive was about to die.  Four weeks later (it really seems like more than that) and everything is almost back to how it should be, copied over or reinstalled on the new hard drive.  Sadly, the headphone jack unit also died and couldn’t be replaced, which means no more playing YouTube music videos if  anyone else is within earshot.  So now there is a lot of catching up to do – blogs, emails and orders and I also need to learn my way around the iPod touch gadget I felt I just had to have as some sort of a reward.

No pictures for this post – that’s almost the final program to copy, sort and tweak – but it feels really good to know that life will soon be back to what passes for normal.

11 thoughts on “Battling with technology”

  1. Not a good experience, but congratulations on finding your way back to the blog: am sure we readers will be as relieved as you are that you’re back in the ether!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me the disruption that technology can cause in our lives when it goes wrong. Glad to hear that at least you had a warning and are almost back to normal. Play the vids anyway!!

  3. Oh, I sooooo know the feeling of how changed my world is when I computer doesn’t work! If all I did was ply a needle, no problem! A needle is simple to replace. But I like working with words and images even more and am so addicted to my computer! Hope all the kinks are worked out soon. Karen at Quilt History Reports at

  4. I couldn’t be without my laptop either – I rely on it so much – even for simple things like phone numbers. Look forward to seeing you very soon!

  5. Hi Barbara, I was searching for you on Facebook, and found this link. I always wanted to tell you that I bought your book, it was actually my first quilting book, and that was when I did not even know was quilting really meant. But today it is a book that I really enjoy and research all the time. It is Quilt It! Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. Regards Sylvia Klein

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