Creeping back

– or straight back into it, I can’t decide which.  Either way, time has simply gone by and been filled with lots of activity but no blog posts.  I really don’t want to get into the whole guilt and apology thing, so I’m just going to start at the furthest point and work forwards with a few brief posts about “what I did from May to September” and then get to grips with all the things that are currently swirling around.

One main focus over the past few months has been Tentmaker applique work – both teaching it and revelling in seeing the working exhibit at Festival of Quilts.   Some of you will know that I have been enthralled with this work for the past 10 years and more, given lots of talks and classes, and of course, actually bought pieces on the Street of the Tentmakers on my trips to Cairo.  Many of you will also know that you can find wonderful pictures and information in various places such as Jenny Bowker’s blog “Postcards from Cairo” .   Tentmaker applique is one of my favourite classes to teach and I always enjoy seeing students reactions to the work and understanding some of the processes involved – the pictures below start at a class for Southport Quilters in June, continue to the same class for Brockhampton Quilters at the end of June and finish at Festival of Quilts in August.

As you can see from the picture above, Brockhampton Quilters run a really well-organised workshop!  Although this additional “facility” was not of their organising, it raised a lot of chuckles especially when we read the notice pinned above –

Southport and Brockhampton Quilters are both talented and productive groups (and a lot of fun too!)  There were any number of interesting bags at each class and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to picture just a few of them

And here we are at Festival of Quilts – I had met Hassan and  Tarok previously on visits to Cairo, and it was wonderful to see so many people crowding into the exhibit, fascinated by their  work and skills.

The whole experience of this exhibit at Festival was enhanced by a visit from my good friend Debbie Wendt who was responsible for inviting me to teach in Cairo back in 2001.  Debbie took me on my first memorable visits to the Street of the  Tentmakers so it was very special to be able to see this exhibit together – even if she did have to travel several thousand miles to do so.  Debbie is one of those multi-talented quilters and I managed to sneak a picture of her twirling a longarm machine around –

Finishing with a detail from one of the Tentmaker pieces from my “collection” and getting ready to give a talk on this tomorrow – more catch-up news next time.

Happy stitching!

4 thoughts on “Creeping back”

  1. More drooling over the Tentmaker pieces. Just back from Harrogate where it was nice to see so many traditional quilts on display. Now to start thinking about my Chairman’s Challenge!

  2. I somehow missed the Tentmakers section at FoV. Oh, how I wish I had had a bit more time there!!!
    Some exquisite work!!! The colours are wonderful!!!

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