More creeping

Way back at the beginning of July I was at Denman College to give a three day course on quilting, cording and stuffing.  It’s always a pleasure to be at Denman (not least because I can also visit friends who live nearby) and the students were a delight – lots of fun was had by all as you can see from the pics below …

Next year I’m signed up to teach three sessions at Denman – one on Hand Quilting, one on Cording, Stuffing & Quilting and the third is a Reunion Invitational class for anyone who has survived attended one or more of my Denman classes.  I will be designing an exclusive project for the Reunion Class which promises to be very interesting (the class rather than the project!)  And, in case you’re reading this ladies, I do know I need to get that darn pattern book finished up….  but, in my defence, I  now find that there may be another pattern book in the offing as well, thus doubling the potential procrastination time.  What I really should do is take the phone off the hook, switch off the computer and sewing machine, put away the guitar and get down to the proverbial drawing board.  Seems like I might have said this before…………

From deepest Oxfordshire over the water to Jersey for three days with Caesarea Quilters.  Beginning Machine Quilting and Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters were the classes they had requested and we really had a lot of fun amongst all the hard work.

No pressure, but I have high hopes of seeing some rather fetching quilts made after this class …

and just to round things off for this post here’s a quick look at a finish from a Mystery class last year – well done Vivian, it looked really great at Festival of Quilts!

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