A day out

A lovely day out on Friday at one of my favourite teaching spots – Cupcake Cottons in Burford – with good weather and easy driving, not to mention delightful students and cake! Slight hiccup on departure – I blame it on the heady atmosphere of lovely fabric (and cake) – when I managed to leave behind the tote bag that contains my entire life. Anxious emails and phone calls but of course all was well and I had an extra visit to the shop the next morning to collect it. Thanks Jackie for attention beyond the call of duty!
These pics are courtesy of The Gadget




To celebrate having done some new designs everyone in class took home my favourite from the new batch as a souvenir. Wonder if anyone will stitch it? While I was scribbling away with the designs the other week I took a few shots of the development from doodle to (almost) finished drawing but they are sitting somewhere on the laptop hard drive so they’ll get added in later.

later –

Happy stitching!
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3 thoughts on “A day out”

  1. Liking the new designs. I am eager to get some quilting done so hope they will be ready soon. What more could a quilter ask for – cake and fabric in any order and combination and a new quilting pattern to try out.

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