Cleaning up

It certainly isn’t spring but, as part of settling down to a lot of work, I’ve felt the need to deal with the chaos that has built up in my space. I always take this cleaning and tidying urge as a good sign that I’m ready to tackle new projects – it’s so much easier to start something if everything looks organised don’t you think? So this morning’s task was to transform this

to this

and also clearing the desk to look like this

Still haven’t made any impact on this area though

Oh well – at least I can now see some clear surfaces (even if shelves and cupboards are over-stuffed and untidy).

I can report some progress on the new patterns in that I’m continuing to draw up one or two each day. They may all be done by the end of next week and then it will be just a matter of making final clean drawings and off to the printers.

Thanks to a little gentle pressure from Jacky and Steph at Cupcake Cottons and some thinking time, I’ve started to work on several new hand quilting and design classes for next year. This feels really exciting for me because I’ve always resisted the idea of a follow up to my basic hand quilting class, thinking there wouldn’t be the demand – and also because I could never work out what the format or content should be. And I’ve made a start on samples! – resurrecting a couple of half-started projects that have been buried in the chaos.

Not sure how long the energy will hold out but it’s feeling good so far! Having started the year determined to follow Frances’ resolution to focus,but not quite managed it, it looks as if the focus has finally shown up – which is a really Good Thing. So I’m off to some more cleaning and clearing … happy stitching.
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6 thoughts on “Cleaning up”

  1. Congratulations on the progress with the clean up and this is a job desperately overdue in my studio. The problem with a sort out though is that i always uncover lots and lots of projects in various stages of completion and can be very easily distracted away from the job in hand.

    I have come to the conclusion that I am only good at focusing when there is a set deadline and not getting things done just because I would like to do it. Pattern writing (not my favourite past time) always takes the full amount of the time available so this job only happens when I can’t put it off any longer.

    Great to have you back with us as I always enjoy reading your blog. Take care.

  2. I may have to go and lie in a darkened room just reading about the clean up. I am impressed though and can’t wait for the patterns to come out. I echo what Frances says, it is good to have you back in flow.
    Love Our Kid.xx

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