A good find

Summertime in middle England – its only the end of September after all! Clear skies, sun and warm temperatures all make the perfect start to the Grand Chutney cook-in that is about to get underway. Before the serious stuff though, we decided to have a couple of days off. Day One was up to one of our very favourite places, Liverpool, for drinks and dinner with friends and then on to a concert. The drinks part was scheduled for that essential location of any Liverpool experience, The Philharmonic pub. Right up there with the grandest you can see why its a much-loved haunt of many …




Past glories and lost/misspent youth were satisfactorily remembered!

Day Two found us wandering around the local (but large) antiques fair. We seldom come away empty-handed and this was no exception. I had already decided “no more quilts” when the one pictured here came into view …




No, its nothing truly outstanding but it was such a good price I couldn’t refuse! A Welsh quilt in average condition, date possibly 1910ish, classic and simple motifs and destined to show up in my hand quilting classes and possibly as a pattern… As is often the case, no information accompanies the quilt, we are left to surmise and guesswork. Anyway, I’m really pleased with my unexpected “find” and I’m off to spend some time with it – further pictures may show up here in a future post.
happy stitching!

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5 thoughts on “A good find”

  1. Do show pictures of himself in the throws of chutney…at least the throws!! ;> I aspire to your thinking, camera pointed at floors and ceilings! YUM, what a treasure of a quilt. I’m looking forward to the pattern!

  2. Mmmmhhh……. how about getting your camera ready for a little visit to Southwell Minster when you visit a quilt group in Newark next year. Plenty of stone carvings in the Chapter House, a very impressive wooden screen, and more. If you time it right, the choir sings at Evensong during school term time in the week, and if the organist practises you would also be in for a treat, Barbara!


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