Welsh quilt again

A lovely sunny day with Market Bosworth Quilters – they’d requested a specific class which involves LOTS of cutting and similar amounts of piecing. Everyone got all the cutting done – 24 blocks worth – and got well under way with the piecing. The cutting is very straightforward, as is the piecing, but its a bit unnerving to come up against “cut 48….”, “cut 24…” if you’ve not cut multiple layers before. So, a big Well Done to everyone – and the cake was truly excellent!




Car unpacked, most things put away – there was enough space on the floor to take a second quick look at the Welsh quilt I unexpectedly acquired the other day. Here are a few more pics, really just to show the early stages of approximate measurements and scribbled impressions of the design. As the layout is reasonably symmetrical I think its easier to fold the quilt into quarters to do the measuring and scribbling.
On second inspection, its still not a stunning quilt but its going to be fun to produce the design and I can certainly see lots of possibilities – maybe a scaled-down full pattern, maybe elements re-arranged, and all sorts of  good stuff ….







So, I’m off to pack boxes for various classes this week – happy stitching!

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