rather ginger

Autumn creeps on – lovely early morning skies here in deepest Middle England

and the colour are just about at peak

A lovely day last week at The Bramble Patch teaching Essentials of Hand Quilting – full class but, because there is so much space, it doesn’t look that way in the pictures –


Somehow I seem to have done a lot of this recently –



and, as you can see above, I found a perfect circle template for the Welsh quilt pattern – why didn’t I think of this before?! The cleaned up new patterns are ready to go to the printer, a title page is the only thing missing. So this is progress. Next thing will be to find some volunteers to stitch samples .. any offers?

Looking at the pictures from the last week it seems that our battling felines have been rather more settled and visible at home. Actually they’re just desperate for their few minutes of fame and have been hanging around determined to be noticed –



no surprises for the reading matter this week (see above) – it’s the time of year to be making travel plans. Off to Houston in a couple of weeks and winter will probably be under way when I get back, so lingering over books like these helps keep the winter blues at bay as well as re-living previous trips. And I really need to get back to Egypt, I’ve been away far too long – maybe February 2012… which is only a few months away.

Happy stitching

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7 thoughts on “rather ginger”

  1. I love hand-quilting andwhole cloth quilts! Do you have patterns available for purchase? I would be willing to test patterns too!

  2. Barbara, I am sure you already have enough volunteers for your project…but just in case you need some more you can contact me.
    BTW, I love you cats – and the beautiful green Welsh quilt, too.

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