inspirational day out

I was overwhelmed by the generous responses to the request for volunteers in my last post. Thanks to everyone who offered to help – the instructions will be mailed this week.

Sunday was a day off – lunch with very dear friends and then a visit to one of the many historic houses we have here in middle England – Packwood House this time. Armed only with the trusty Gadget rather than the camera I couldn’t resist taking quick shots of some of the wonderful wood carving and textiles – fabulous bargello and crewel work in abundance.





Lots of elegant woodwork too –




Here’s my idea of a really lovely room to write and sew in


– ornament on the outside too



So, after good weather and good company its back to work, but I wanted to finish this post with a couple of pictures of a piece of Portuguese applique that can be seen at Packwood House. Date unknown, my guess is middle 1700s. Fabrics handwoven and hand dyed, mostly wool. Raw unturned edges with couching still visible on some of the edges. One of the many unsung and unremarked textile treasures …



happy stitching
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5 thoughts on “inspirational day out”

  1. I really enjoyed your photographic tour of Packwood House which is not known to me – some wonderful inspiration. I hope you enjoy your trip to Houston and I can hardly believe it is two years since we were there. Take care

  2. Barbara, I would like to talk with you about the Whig’s Defeat, shown earlier.

    Where did you see it?

    Was it antique, as it appears?

    Have you any idea how I might locate the owner?

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