Two more quilts

Just as I was starting to feel some sense of progress and organisation with all the projects in hand, two more vintage quilts arrive and require attention – in a good way. Two quilts needing a new home – almost certainly that cupboard upstairs – and worthy of inspection. They will almost certainly join the pile of “quilts to make patterns from” which is one of my 2012 projects.

Both quilts date from the 1930s and are considerably worn, both measure 74inches by 90inches (approx), both are cotton sateen top and back with cotton batting. Made by different hands but both probably made somewhere towards the North East of the UK judging by the patterns and layout. I’ve taken some quick pics with The Gadget and made preliminary rough sketch plans so you can get an idea and “proper” pictures will be taken later on.









So I have something to work on in the next few days before leaving for Quilt Market in Houston ….
happy stitching
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