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Zero stitching for the past few weeks, lots of life’s ups and downs instead.   My view of the great outdoors no longer looks like this –

-and there’s not much to say except that she’s gone after 14 good years, there’s a huge gap in our lives and the house feels very empty.  We may explore the possibilities of taking on an old-timer who needs a home, but its early days yet.

In search of consolation we spent a day in our favourite city – Liverpool – and visited the excellent Maritime Museum down at the Albert Dock.  Warm sunny weather (what a treat for November in England!) helped too.

Lots of interesting shapes and textiles in the Museum – here’s a sampling

A reminder of how we got the nickname “Limeys” ………

and a reminder of other costs –

No new stitching of my own to show (but thanks again to the volunteer crew who, I know, are beavering away behind the scenes on samples for next year) but a quick look at some old stuff.  I needed to supply images to accompany teaching contracts as well as purple prose to describe some classes – Cording & Quilting, Tentmaker Applique for the Open European Quilt Championships next May, and Essentials of Hand Quilting in various UK locations.

So, it’s rather light on text this time around but lots of positive plans taking shape – watch this space!  Happy stitching …

13 thoughts on “Untitled …”

  1. It is a great loss to have a pet pass. It takes years to ease the pain. I am sorry for your loss and taking in another that needs a home will help when you are ready! Donna

  2. Lovely images. That White Gold poster makes me wonder if I should use polyester!! Beautiful stitching, makes me feel totally inadequate but I will persevere. Glad that you are still considering the idea of an old timer. She would like that.

  3. Oh Barbara, so sorry you’ve lost an old friend. I have begun to fear almost daily for my 13-year-old, though he is a terrier and smaller. I know what you mean: the world won’t look the same.

  4. Barbara, I also feel so sorry for your loss. We’ve lost our cat Jerry after 17 years and we miss him a lot – our furry friends are family members and it’s not easy to let them go…

  5. Barbara so sorry to hear that you beloved dog passed away. We are still lucky. Susie is 13 1/2 years old and still doing okay. Missed going to Houston. Have a great winter. Jean Rayford

  6. Oh Barbara, these pets of our become such a big part of our lives. I can only imagine how you are feeling.
    Great to get out and about to take your mind of it if only a short while. An old timer seems like a nice idea.

    Quilting looks wonderful as usual.

    Best Wishes

  7. Sorry for your loss,
    any time we loose a friend it is really hard. I lost one and could not get another. I know many who do. In time you will know what is best for you

  8. Barbara, So sorry for your loss. And thank you so much for the evening classes. I know you and Chris have had a difficult few weeks.
    See you in the spring!

    Leigh x

  9. Barbara: Please know that your beloved dog had a wonderful home and life while with you and your husband. That’s one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our pets–although they really are family members.

    Your package arrived safely and I am considering thread options. Can we say Sulky Blendables 12 wt?

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  10. Hi Barbara, I’m sad to hear of the loss of your beloved pet, it is never easy to lose these faithful friends. Best thoughts are coming your way to find a bit of comfort each day.

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