November slips away

I distinctly remember clearing and tidying spaces and surfaces in my room and I’m sure it really wasn’t that long ago.  However, as everyone knows, nice clear surfaces are only lying in wait for stuff to re-group and re-gather and so it has proved.  Over on the cutting board there’s squares cut and part-pieced ready to get going on a 30th Birthday project for my local quilt group

At the side of the cutting board a jumble of strips left over begun as class samples has appeared and seems to be a few steps further along the way to becoming a real quilt top that could, in time, join the to-be-quilted pile

On the table there’s a growing number of almost-finished things, starting with 2 samples from the lovely volunteer team – Maggi and Liz have already sent their “homework” back and very fine it looks too –  here’s a glimpse of Liz’s homework with the Oakshott fabric I think I will use for the border

and a glimpse of Maggi’s piece with the fabric I’m considering for this border

You can imagine how delighted I was with these samples – huge thanks to both of you.  I shall show them in their full glory (and with full credit!) once the borders are in place.  The fabric shown with Maggi’s piece may get used a second time to frame an old sample that I never bothered to finish properly

– or I might use some Cherrywood fabric, now that it has been liberated from its hiding place under the table

These two balls of yarn also re-appeared and are hard to resist – I may need to follow Shirley’s example and use them to crochet something useful

Hiding somewhere in the next few pictures is a whole set of designer Kindle and iPad covers – all that’s needed is a few decisions and some of that elusive time that is in such short supply.  The Liberty/Grayson Perry fabric with the faces will probably get used for ritzy linings for the covers.

One thing that desperately needs some order restoring is the cheap document case that carries my handsewing essentials.  After a term of heavy use for classes it has achieved a record level of messiness and clutter

Some really useful fabric was added to the heaps last week – all sorts of piecing projects come to mind just looking at it, the printed strips are 2 1/2″ wide, the colours are yummy and the difficulty will (as always) be deciding what to do first – split hexagons, split triangles, split diamonds…??

All the Tentmaker stuff had be taken out of the upstairs cupboard last week and sorted and packed for a talk and class.  When I was putting everything back again I couldn’t resist adding this piece to the must-do pile.  The colours remind me very much of the work of William De Morgan, and four of these blocks would look really good together don’t you think?  Which is another reason why the sewing kit needed to be sorted out……….. I need everything to be rather more organised than it was if I am going to make any progress.

So here we are at the end of the month and the festive clock seems to have started ticking.  Thank you for all your kind messages on the loss of our dear old collie – no further news to report as yet. but in the meantime there’s lots of sewing to do, lots to enjoy and look forward to.

happy stitching

3 thoughts on “November slips away”

  1. The border fabrics you’re considering are lovely and I really like the ‘Strip-it’ fabric and the tentmakers block. You’re certainly going to busy with all these projects!

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