From a distance

I wanted to start this year’s posts with a heartfelt “Thank You” for all the support, sympathy and kindness from everyone over the past few months – all the comments have been greatly appreciated even though I haven’t felt able to respond individually.

This will be brief, just to start things up again, as I’m not yet back to blogreading and keeping up with what’s happening with everyone.  And no pictures for this post – I’m currently away from base, staying with my dear friend Pat Cox and helping her sort through her lifetime collection of vintage quilts.  (But I have got the chance to play on her state of the art Mac which is a whole new learning curve!)  We have been so busy gathering up, selecting, making heaps and categories, moving heaps and making decisions that there has been no time to take pictures.  However, pictures will most certainly be taken – and shared in manageable amounts when I get home.  So, if you enjoy vintage quilts, I think you will find something of interest here over the next few weeks – after all, we are working our way through 500 this week!   Yes, you read that correctly, five hundred vintage quilts – almost quilt heaven, except that there’s a lot of fetching, carrying, deciding, removing, rehoming and stairs involved … but its great exercise!

More soon ….

5 thoughts on “From a distance”

  1. I am glad you are having some quilt fun. I would love to see photos. I have seen some of her quilts. They were lovely. I am not up to anything quilty due to illness.

    Have fun, don’t bother with responding to blog comments!

  2. That certainly sounds like my idea of quilt heaven! It must be an amazing collection – and Pat must have a very large house to keep them all, my sixty or so seem to take over any spare space available in our house! Very much looking forward to seeing the photos a few at a time so we can savour them.
    Best Wishes, Liz.

  3. Barbara, Have fun with Pat. Also say Hi to Pat. Miss both of you. Tell Pat that Ruth Gehl passed away this past summer. She had cancer. Have fun with the quilts. Jean

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