Back home

Reporting in that my US quilt sorting duty is now complete – it’s a tough job but someone has to do it.   And it has been a lot of physical effort but very well worth it.  While I adjust back from the megaMac I’ve been using recently to my dinky laptop and pick up domestic and teaching responsibilities here are a few pictures to give you a flavour of what a lot of  last week looked like …



and several more stacks just like this one, containing quilts assorted and various ..

The Hexagon Baskets is included especially for Shirley over at Stitcherydo to enjoy… and, knowing Shirley, she could probably whip up something like this in no time at all.

As you can see there was plenty to keep me occupied.  There will be more pics in the next few posts as I catch up with everything – right now there’s laundry to do and errands to run before we can eat tonight!

4 thoughts on “Back home”

  1. Glad you are safely back, and that you left that snow there. You must have been in seventh heaven. Thanks for the photos of those beautiful quilts, look forward to seeing more. Good to hear that you enjoyed your time with the megaMac.

  2. I should think the time would pass very quickly being spent with all those wonderful quilts and I will definitely look forward to seeiing more. I hope life has settled onto an even keel for you and it is good to have you back in blogland. Take care

  3. You definitely need an assistant. Mind you with such beautiful quilts to look at I am not sure that much work would get done. Loved the hexagon baskets even before I saw my name. Shall look forward to seeing more.

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