More pictures

Still catching up, but I’m determined to load up some more pictures from my quilt-hauling last week.  There really wasn’t time to look at each quilt carefully, take good pictures and write out the basic details of size, age, provenance etc – Pat already had all of that information in several hefty files.  We were more concerned with selecting quilts she wanted to keep, then sorting through quilts to pass on to family and friends and making neat(ish) stacks of quilts that will ultimately be sold on.  So, my pictures are really about eye candy rather than serious documentation and detail, but I think you may find something to enjoy nonetheless … and you should know that there are still plenty more to come!  Before we get started on today’s batch, I just wanted to welcome all new friends and followers – I really appreciate your company.

and, for everyone who enjoys “small” …  (Lori, I think this may include you!)

Domestic chores await, more pictures soon – happy quilting!

5 thoughts on “More pictures”

  1. I’ve joined in the last week and therefore am not knowing the story, are all these quilts owned by one lucky person? I can’t believe how small the small quilt is.

  2. That job must have been a real hardship- Sigh.

    Love basket quits – maybe because I am a bit of a basket case myself at times.

    Do tell us where she is going to be selling than Barbara. We might just want to put in a bid.

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