Quilt pictures again

I will eventually get around to a proper news post rather than just decorative glimpses and random details of vintage quilts – but not this time!  Before I hit the “upload picture” button it’s maybe worth a quick recap on the what, where and why of these images.  My good friend Patricia Cox lives in Minnesota and we first met, through quilting, twenty years ago.  Over the years we’ve shared all sorts of quilting adventures mainly in the US and UK and also shared our love of vintage quilts.  Pat has collected  quilts for the longest time and her collection has been featured in various major exhibits as well as her first book  “American Classic Quits”.  In fact, the collection has grown to the point where something had to give, so we arranged that I would go and visit for a week in order to help her choose quilts to keep, quilts to sell and re-organise storage spaces.  There were too many quilts (what a problem to have!) and not enough time to pull each one out and photograph it at full spread, but I thought that peeks were better than no pictures at all.  So here’s today’s selection – hope you enjoy them!

You’ve probably guessed by now that there was a very healthy number of red & white and red, green & white quilts …

If you happen to get quilt overload, then you can always check out the wallpaper for a little light inspiration –

– you can almost feel a quilt coming on!

And then there was a super album quilt – here are a few of the blocks I particularly liked

Many of the blocks were signed or stamped with the maker’s name or initials and I really liked the small stars in the sashing.

Happy quilting!

6 thoughts on “Quilt pictures again”

  1. Thank you Barbara, I’ve really enjoyed these few posts with the quilts. They are exqusite. I will never get sick of looking at these so if there’s any more…? 😉

  2. Wonderful photos again – keep them coming. That first one is so vibrant but they all have their particular charm, even the wallpaper. It must have been difficult to make decisions.

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