A few more details

Still very little of my own sewing or production to show, so I’m going to fall back on some details from those quilts I spent a week with in January (have you noticed it’s February already??).  Over the years I’ve realised that, for me, it’s often the details of a quilt that intrigue me rather than the quilt as a whole – this is probably deeply psychologically significant and just tells you that you can sometimes let the small stuff block out the bigger picture … anyway let’s start with some glimpses of a couple of 1860s green, red and white pieces where I think the details really are worth a second look.  One is applique, the other is pieced and the quilting is finely done on both.

Some low-profile cording adds to the texture

Look hard at the outlines – this is pieced/inlaid work, not applique in the traditional, needleturn sense –

The second quilt is applique with a little piecing plus some embroidery – it was hard to work out whether the embroidery was contemporary with the quilt or had been added in to cover over where applique shapes had worn away ….

Some luscious texture on a Feathered Star quilt that was awaiting a “keep/not keep” decision –

I couldn’t resist including some details from the quilt Pat and I acquired many years ago featuring  two classic chintz fabrics that you will find in almost every quilt reference book

Happy stitching!

4 thoughts on “A few more details”

  1. These quilts are just wonderful, thank you so much for sharing. I especially love the quilting on the Feathered Star quilt!

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