Mostly black and white

Stashed away in the quilt cupboard that has been likened to Dr Who’s Tardis is an old pillowcase.  Inside the pillowcase is a random collection of black and white pieced blocks that I have gathered over the  past 20 years mostly from visits to International Quilt Festival.    I know I have shown these blocks before so I won’t re-run them but I can report that two days ago I actually dared to put my hand into the pillowcase and pull out some orphaned quarter square triangle units.  Furthermore, I have gathered up my courage and actually sewn said units together into three blocks which now await layering up and quilting.  It was scary at first – after all I have spent a long time not doing anything with this collection because choices are difficult and there was a lot of fun to be had just riffling through the blocks from time to time – but I rather like the result.



You can see above just how interesting some of the seams needed to be to put the blocks together!  The units had all been machine stitched but with 1/8 inch seams rather than our standard 1/4 inch.  This has set off a whole line of questions in my head because other vintage tops in the cupboard have similarly slender seam allowances – was 1/8 inch the standard then?


There were enough units to make 3 Ohio Star blocks, but that looked rather staid so I tried to move out of the box and made one block a little different





I think the quilting will be triple diagonals spaced about 2 inches apart and then bring “back to front” to make a false binding.  Only the batting  to choose now,  I’m dithering between Legacy wool and Hobbs Polydown – of course cotton would be the purist choice, but it isn’t the easiest to needle and I’m feeling lazy!

This activity also made me realise that I have acquired a modest but adequate sub-collection of black and white repro prints which I am now re-acquainted with.  Should really be doing lots of other more important things but it was quick and it was fun, and I am putting the credit for helping stir me into action to Lori over at Humble Quilts and Kathie at Sentimental Quilter  in particular, all followers, commenters and my blog list in general.  We do get so much inspiration from others and there is so much out there that it’s easy to take it for granted.  During these last few months I’ve tried to keep up with everyone  but have found that Blogger is often being tiresome when it comes to accepting comments from WordPress, so for the moment I’m “resting” from commenting – not sure if anyone else has had the same problem?

Happy stitching!

5 thoughts on “Mostly black and white”

  1. Blogger has been a pain in the backside at times and I have given up the will to leave comments too. Here goes that this posts first time. Well done Barbara for getting the mojo up and running. I like Polydown because I love the loft to it – my personal choice though. Those blocks look good with a bit of pink trim to them.

  2. Loved seeing the black and whites again. As much fun as they are to handle and put away, I’m sure they will bring great pleasure seeing them put into a finished piece that you use and see more often!

  3. Lovely soft colours here — not the strong contrasts that black and white suggests. Very restful. And lovely to see your ‘choices’ too — I find making choices the hardest 🙂

  4. Very sweet blocks!! I love you put in the one that is different. I”m so happy you can find inspiration at my blog!! You inspire me as well!!

  5. That sounds like a very interesting cupboard you have and what wonderful treasures come out of it. Once my UFOs make the cupboard stage it is very unlikely that they will see daylight again although it is nice to get them out for a touch and feel occasionally. My real backlog of work lives under my worktable and most of them will make the finish line “one day”. Take care.

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