Background work

A week of preparation plus the usual ritual packing and unpacking of teaching boxes.  The preparation has involved delving into That Cupboard, hauling out one set of quilts and one set of Tentmaker pieces so that everything can be numbered, checked, measured again, double checked and put in hanging sequence and the information sent through to the lovely Ada, organiser of the Open European Quilt Championships.  I was completely bowled over when Ada invited me to exhibit some of That Cupboard’s contents at this year’s show and I’m really looking forward to it. The plan is to fit everything –  all the exhibit pieces, samples, materials and kits for the 2 classes I’ll be teaching there, plus a few samples and pattern books to sell alongside the exhibit, my personal luggage of course, and my trusty travelling companion/organiser and her luggage – into the new(ish) gas-guzzler that is sitting out on the yard and drive across to the show.  Might prove to be a little Thelma and Louise, but it should be fun!

So the only thing I have to share from this week is a set of really quick glimpses of some of the quilts that are stacked up outside That Cupboard ready for the final stage of laying out flat and in sequence and adding sleeves.

When this background work is done, I’m hoping to move on to a different heap – the unfinished quilt tops that have been sitting quietly waiting for their moment for more than two years.  Somehow their time seems to have arrived …

happy stitching!


3 thoughts on “Background work”

  1. Does one of those antique quilts look like one that I brought to you on one of my trips to England? The one with the diamonds and blue? My mind is getting fuzzy.

    That’s what happens when you are quilting in the depths of Georgia, USA. You get fuzzy.

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