Quilting class

Returned from teaching at Denman College  and getting ready for the Staffs Patchworkers Celebration of their 30th anniversary – boxes, bags and quilts in (almost)  every room in the house and all  in different stages of disarray.  The Denman experience is always good and this was no exception.  Twelve eager students who remained cheerful throughout and the peaceful setting of the college made for a very pleasant three days.  We got to grips with the essentials of hand quilting and even had time for a quick look at how many traditional patterns were constructed with papercutting techniques –

One of the delights of Denman is that there is always something fresh to see – this time there was a display of traditional smocks which offered a lot of design inspiration –

The engraved design on a dish in one room also had a lot of quilting potential

– and we had the opportunity to inspect a particularly handsome piece of embroidered feltwork which had been the emblem of an earlier WI Treasures exhibit

I’m looking forward to meeting up with students from previous Denman quilting courses next month at the Reunion class, and then a new set of students for the Stitch it and Stuff it class in June.  Meanwhile here’s this happy group gathered up on the last morning – looks like they had a good time!

4 thoughts on “Quilting class”

  1. What a nice group you were and everybody looks so happy! I’m sure you all had a great time and they all did a good job on handquilting!

  2. While America is busy producing more and more on our sewing machines and leaving hand stitching behind, it is gratifying to see that quilters in England are preserving the art of hand quilting with attention to perfection and creativity.

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