Quilting class – reunion report

Back to Denman College again this week for a reunion class that was open to students who had already suffered survived any of my Denman classes over the past five years.  Being Easter week and school holidays many would-be attendees were on family duty, but six hardy souls produced a very happy class atmosphere with much mirth and merriment and plenty of stitching.  I had promised an “exclusive design” for the reunion and this proved quite a hit – we’ve planned a whole series from the design, using redwork, applique, shadow quilting, as well as the more traditional cording and stuffing that was the original intention.  And, being a reunion class, there was no need or expectation of sticking to a fixed agenda – so we had a good time looking at a few vintage quilts as well as trying some simple design work with papercutting, and looking at traditional patterns and motifs.  We’re hoping that it might be possible to arrange another reunion class next year – or maybe I’ll just organise one myself somewhere!!

Have a look at some of the work in progress – I promised that some of these images would probably show up again in a Powerpoint presentation for the classes I’m teaching at the Open European Quilt Championships next month, so this is almost (but not quite) a trial run …

Where there’s quilting there’s often inspiration and other lovely things to look at – jackets, pincushions etc ..


So, it’s back to bags and boxes, packing and unpacking as always – this next week is Quilts in the Garden at Uttoxeter, demonstrating and classes, and a hand piecing class for Pollyanna Patchwork.

Happy stitching!

5 thoughts on “Quilting class – reunion report”

  1. While America is on a machine quilting quest to get everything done quicker and in mass production, it is good to see that there are quilters keeping the tradition of fine hand quilting alive, striving for excellency instead of volume for the sake of having more.

    Barbara, I just used your book “Quilt It” to find some quilting motif ideas for a project I am doing for Marcus Fabrics. I went right to your book when I was asked to do some “better” quilting in this project.

  2. What lovely designs are emerging there. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. Will miss your class because of Uttoxeter set up but see you there.

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