Two months later …

Earlier resolutions of more frequent posting have taken a serious hit since June – who knows what happened, maybe there was just too much excitement going around.  Resolutions of more frequent posting have been reinstated and and reaffirmed so it’s onwards from this point.  Here’s a quick run-through, mostly in pictures, of what has been going on –

Late June, early July – visits to Mead Quilters and Lutterworth Quilters to talk about The Tentmakers of Cairo and teach a workshop on needleturn applique based on Tentmaker style –

A little nearer home and a day visit to Little Moreton Hall, one of the most highly-decorated black and white houses in the NorthWest of England.  Lots to enjoy – many different glazing patterns, woodcarving and so forth –

Mid July and a mini-holiday down in Exeter at a private quilting retreat.  This was a chance to meet up and catch up with my good friend Pat Cox and renew acquaintance with the group of quilters who gather around Pat in Exeter each year.  It was standard summer weather when I arrived –

but gradually improved.  But with good company, good food and quilting does the weather really matter?  Thanks to Barbara Jansen and Jeannie Stetson for all they do to make this retreat such a terrific experience.

End of July, a belated holiday in Southern Spain and a chance to forget about grey and cold and wet – blue skies, sunshine and trips to one or two of my favourite spots for tile and door-hunting (Tarifa and Tangier).

I find that quilting and blogging friends are seldom far from one’s thoughts on holiday – here are a couple of camels for Debbie Wendt, a great tiled doorstep for everyone who does English paper piecing, a perfect (but not pink) pillar for Shirley and a couple of excellent doors and doorways for Lee

Back from Spain and almost straight into Festival of Quilts – just a couple of days to finish gathering things together for my space in the Quilting in Action section.  This is what one tiny section of Festival looked like just before opening – as you can see, its very orange!

The orange at Festival is not always easy to deal with – if it’s not carpet on the floor, then it’s sodium lighting way up high which can play havoc with cameras and colours.  I was still getting to grips with a new camera and had a few frustrations along the way – Andrea Stracke’s fabulous quilt “Peridot” was the most delicious soft lime green but came out looking like this

There’s an “effects” option on the new camera, right up close by the shutter button.  It’s really easy to switch to this without realising what’s happened – which explains why the pictures of some of the Volunteer team are a trifle blurred (and I’m sticking to that excuse) –

Sadly, the pictures I took of the Volunteer Team’s work are too blurred to post* – apologies, but what if we did it again with different designs for next year, by which time I might have mastered the camera?

* the same fate overtook most of the other pictures I took at Festival – much muttering and cursing!

So, here we are almost at the start of September.  Lots of entries in the diary, and lots to do – plus more frequent posting…  time to go and get started.

 Happy stitching!

3 thoughts on “Two months later …”

  1. Barbara

    Just read your lovely long post and then got to the end where you say it’s September already. Purleeeees …. there are another three days to go in August. The year’s slipping away fast enough as it is without your writing off three whole (quilting) days.

    Best wishes

    Kate Crombie Cornwall

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