Ardington School of Craft

Two lovely days at Ardington School of Craft in Oxfordshire – the School has only been open since April this year but looks to be well on the way to a very successful venture.  It really is a school too – formerly the village school, resplendent with the original panelling and partitions and other vintage details.


classroom, Ardington


detail, Ardington

Essentials of Handquilting was the class I was teaching, and the fabulous natural light made it really easy both for the quilting itself and also inspecting the samples and old quilts I had taken along.


quilting in progress

Border detail, Welsh quilt 1930s

We all made the most of the good weather and our surroundings during lunch breaks –


taking a break


High Street, Ardington


view from High Street, Ardington

It was a particular treat for me to be in this part of Oxfordshire – my grandfather’s family actually lived and worked on the Lockinge estate which surrounds Ardington and probably even went to this school, Very much a case of following in family footsteps!

Next week I’ll be teaching Essentials of Hand Quilting II at Threads & Patches near Milton Keynes and then over to Gwent Quilters in south Wales for a day of Tentmaker Applique – more packing to do!


7 thoughts on “Ardington School of Craft

  1. What a lovely place for a quilting workshop! I wish I could have been there. The Welsh Quilt is more than beautiful! Do you know the provenance, maybe it’s made under the RIB scheme?

    • The Welsh quilt was bought from our friend Jen Jones 20 years ago. It is probably 1930s, sateen fabric front and back, wool batting, stitched with green thread. I have used it extensively in classes and it is now rather more worn than when I first owned it. The design and stitching are good, but not as sharp or complex as the RIB quilts were – I think it was made for personal/private use rather than for sale.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the class on hand quilting at Ardington – thank you, Barbara, for passing on your valuable insights and expertise. Plenty for me to think about and put into practice. Thank you too for teaching me to use a thimble (at last!) and for finding me such a lovely example that fits – I will treasure it! I can recommend classes at the Ardington School of Traditional and Contemporary Crafts to anyone else reading this – lovely venue and a great forward programme of courses!

  3. A big thank you to Barbara for such an enjoyable 2 days at Ardington last week. I learnt so much about hand quilting and it was fun. I am full of enthusiasm to start a new project and I am looking for the right fabrics. The difference and handling feel between the various makes of needle and threads was a revelation. The venue was ideal for the course and thanks also to Karen and Andrea for their good company.

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