Stealing time

Having spent a lot of time wishing I could, and being envious (see my last post) I’ve decided to try and get active and get going with some of the many projects and “should-do’s” that are on the list.  Not a huge amount of success to report so far, but I may have found a way to help myself be more productive, particularly with regard to hand stitching.  I’m very lucky to have my own dedicated space at the far end of the house for my books, desk, office things, sewing machine, fabric stash, guitar etc – on a good day I’ve even referred to it as a studio!

But, it’s perhaps not the best setup for hand sewing.  Well, I could sit up here, but with winter in prospect it would be really good if I could find a comfortable spot to roost downstairs.  In the 20 years we’ve been in this house I’ve never really established a handstitching spot – how did that happen?  However, all that may be about to change!  A couple of days ago I looked at the kitchen dresser

and realised that one of the drawers contained only junk that could be quickly got rid of  cleaned out and then – lo and behold! a whole deep drawer to myself, downstairs, near the fire, a good enough light over my left shoulder and a chair nearby to move quickly and easily into position when required.  So there will be no evidence – everything can be shoved carefully put back into the drawer, the chair moved back and my precious sewing time will remain securely shut away.  All at once, the prospect of hours and hours of stitching seems almost real, made up of little bits of time stolen throughout the day.  Several of you will understand the fun I had sorting out a second complete sewing kit, plus bag to contain same, and making sure all the projects were complete in their own bag, plus the battery Ottlite, quilting snap-frame and anything else I thought might come in useful.

Before this wonderful revelation of a new stitching space I had a great trip down to Newport S Wales to teach Tentmaker applique to Gwent Quilters.  Good weather, easy travelling and enthusiastic quilters made it all very pleasant and a good time was had by all –

I couldn’t resist breaking my journey down to Newport with a stop at Oakshott Fabrics near Cheltenham – now this really is eye candy for a weary traveller!

And who could resist these totally yummy silks ? – they just had to come home with me

Somewhere lurking in one of these sketchbooks (and why have I got so many?)

there may be a plan for for some of these silks.  And that would be another project to put in the new drawer!

9 thoughts on “Stealing time”

    1. I’ve been teaching classes based on Tentmaker technique and style since 2002, no book as yet but lots of requests for one!

  1. With the growing trend for Yurts perhaps we could see them gaily adorned with quilts al a tentmaker/Chaineyesque!! I bet in those little books is a wealth of new book material. Keep up the good work. I can see another Antique Rose block in the making in that cupboard.

    1. The silk fabrics are available from Oakshott, but I’m honestly not sure if the colours and weave are determined by Oakshott or just selected by them from a high quality source. There are bolts of these colours in the warehouse ….

  2. Lovely post Barbara and I can sympathise about finding just the right spot for hand stitching – you need warmth at certain times of the year and I need cool air conditioning. Before my studio (the big green shed in the back yard) was built I once used a three tier traymobile which could be wheeled away when guests arrived so all my paraphernalia was out of the way. These days I just called the house “quilt friendly”. I always enjoy seeing your tentmakers quilts. Take care.

  3. Nice little spot that you have made for yourself there. I agree with the others that it is about time you wrote a Tentmaker book. You haven’t got much else to do have you??? (I did duck as I typed that!)_

  4. I’ve been looking for a proper hand sewing/ knitting spot in my house too- I just trail everything around with me depending on the time of the day/ season. I shall have to follow your example and see what I space I can re-purpose!

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